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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Silently Aiding and Abetting
You gotta love Nonie Darwish, she tells it like it is: why are Muslims in the West not taking a strong stand against the misery and oppression in their home countries?
Most Islamic studies professors and Islamist groups in America exercise their freedom of speech given to them by America, but only when speaking against America, Judaism, Christianity, President Bush and Pat Robertson. However, they never dare to criticize their culture of origin and some even still have respect for the tyranny of the old country. They leave the job of ridding the Muslim world of terror to the victims of terror, namely America and Israel. Whenever they criticize the Muslim world it is in the context of blaming America for supporting dictatorships. However, when America attempts to bring democracy and get rid of Arab dictators they turn around and accuse America of occupation or empire building. No matter what America does, they voice criticism. That can only mean they do not seem to be serious about reformation in Muslim countries. They are, however, very serious about embarrassing, criticizing and hurting America.

Many Muslim groups and Middle East studies professors are aligning themselves with the liberal ‘hate America’ crowd in Western academia and media. Three days after the Tsunami in South Asia, I saw an Arab-American leader criticize America’s response as “slow and too little, too late? on CNN. They have the audacity to criticize America and give a free pass to the oil rich Arab countries that should be the first to respond financially to save their poor Muslim brothers and sisters in Indonesia.

Islamism and the old defeated and failed ideology of pan-Arabism is what many Islamic groups in America are advocating. They are silent in the face of Muslim poverty, corruption, neglect of human rights, oppression of women, honor killings and the brutal and unusual punishments such as cutting off limbs, flogging and stoning. They are not using American freedoms as an opportunity to change their countries of origin, but as an opportunity to influence and change America to be like the countries they came from. Their goal is also to keep Muslim-Americans under their control and the control of Muslim world mullahs, sheiks and dictators they should have left behind. How can any one take them seriously when they do not lift a finger to protect human rights in Muslim countries, but are militant in turning Arab-Americans into yet another voting block to influence American politics? They take no stand to protect the life of the Muslim woman being stoned and explain away such atrocities and beheadings while crying ‘profiling’ in America by the FBI.
The Silent Muslim Majority IS the Problem
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Strong, Not the Likable
From Davids Medienkritik: Little Respect for Europe
We have resigned ourselves to an EU that cannot speak with one voice, never mind act independently, on issues of foreign policy such as the Balkan crises or the Iraq war. Now Europe has had its weakness exposed in precisely an area it always believed itself to be strong, even stronger than the Americans – in providing immediate humanitarian assistance. ...

Europe has neither the power, nor the position, nor the material to make a logistic contribution worth mentioning. It is the strong, not the likable, who can provide effective help. Help is provided not by freighters, but by aircraft carriers. The starter’s gun for this massive humanitarian action was fired in Washington, not in Brussels or Berlin. ...
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Iran To Syria: We'll Make Up US Sanctions
Iran doesn't want Syria buckling under to our sanctions, so they'll compensate them for any sanctions we impose...they are getting obscenely rich off high oil prices, after all.
Don't expect economic sanctions to change the policies of Syria's regime. Iran has already prepared for the prospect of additional U.S. sanctions against Damascus and has begun a series of major projects in Syria.

For Iran, these projects are strategic. Teheran does not want to be left alone facing the United States. So, maintaining Syria as an ally in the fight against the United States is a key goal of Iran.

Iran has been constructing a factory capable of producing 1 million tons of cement and is also building a power plant in the port city of Banyas. In all, Iran is prepared to invest up to $3 billion in Syria.

Arab diplomatic sources said the power plant is a strategic option for Iran, since Teheran wants to use Banyas as a port should the United States block the Straits of Hormuz.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Mossad Doubles Your Pleasure
Ha'aretz reports that Mossad wants twice the money next year, for the global war on terror, for intensifying Iran espionage...and to one-up Shin Bet? Sheesh. Actually, that part is offered by Ha'aretz's correspondent without explanation or sourcing so he probably pulled it out of his hat. I hate how journalists do that, don't you?

The Mossad is asking the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee to increase its 2005 budget to nearly twice the size of last year's budget.

Committee chairman Yuval Steinitz (Likud) supports the request, but other committee members said the amount was too high, Army Radio reported.

Former high-ranking officials in Israel's espionage agency have long complained the Mossad wastes money in part by employing extraneous workers and allowing employees to have large expense accounts.

There are reasons the Mossad may need more money. This coming year is considered an important year for Iran's nuclear program, and the Mossad likely wants to increase its intelligence-gathering operations.

In addition, Mossad head Meir Dagan's policy of placing the fight against world terrorism at the top of the agenda requires operations in distant countries, which in turn necessitates large budgets and extra manpower.

The Mossad may also want a larger budget to give it an edge in its competition with the Shin Bet internal security service, whose budget has increased during the intifada.
Monkeys may also fly out of my ass.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Crichton: Global Warming Is Baloney
Michael Crichton's new book is ticking all the right people off.
For after three years of painstaking research, the father of the techno-thriller believes he has reached a shocking conclusion: global warming is hot air.
Boy, will the green types be hot under the collar. As Britain sweats over missing its carbon dioxide emission targets, Crichton sends a simple message: chill. And if your heart aches for Third World suffering, divert the “trillions of dollars wasted on Kyoto to the 850m people who don’t have clean water, 20,000 of whom die each day?.

If you doubt Crichton’s research, he offers enough footnotes citing scientific journals to fill a hefty volume of their own. As a Harvard physician and at the age of 22 a visiting anthropology lecturer at Cambridge, he is in nobody’s intellectual slipstream. It is not so much that Crichton is being reactionary; rather, his view offends our almost religious veneration of green issues, a faith in mother earth which holds that driving to the bottle bank in a belching 4x4 is a profound act of worship.

Crichton admits his Hollywood cronies express horror at dinner parties as he expounds his theory. In response, he has made the prize chump in State of Fear a Hollywood star who dribbles on about saving the planet. Forget limousine liberals, Crichton’s new target is “Gulfstream environmentalists?.

“I am asked to discuss it — the kind of ‘Why are you a heretic?’ conversation,? he says. “Often they are in the entertainment industry and on the boards of environmental groups. It soon becomes clear they have no information, only attitudes.?
He ends his book with the sweeping assertion that green groups have done almost as much harm as big polluters, but surely it is grotesque to equate Greenpeace with, say, the company that gave us the Bhopal disaster? As an example of environmental do-gooding he says stopping bush fires in America’s national parks has been misguided — it has meant that dead wood has not been cleared allowing new growth and thus wildlife to flourish. “(It’s) arguably more disastrous than clear-cutting the forest. Wrong ideas, wherever they come from, are deleterious: I don’t want to know your intentions, I want to know your outcomes. Otherwise you are like the person who runs over your child and says, ‘I really didn’t mean to do that’: f*** off.?

The shock of an expletive from this most courteous of Americans reverberates around the room.

“People say, ‘Oh, these statistics are from business, I have to treat that with caution, but this picture of a melting icecap from Greenpeace, I can trust that’; no you can’t, they are in the same business.?
I redacted the interview heavily (that's what all the [...] are) because I didn't care about most of it. Go read the whole thing if you're interested. And if you're tantalized enough, get the book! State Of Fear.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
10 Things Glen Wishard Can't Prove Are True
At CANIS IRATUS, Glen Wishard reacts to deepthoughtzine Edge's question-"What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?"
Read it, it's inspired. I didn't know that's where cubism came from! And I'd never heard of the Horatio Nelson Maritime Carnage Award.

8. Circumcision proves the existence of God. It beats all of the other proofs hollow - forget all of that Ontological and Teleological stuff. Get the hell out of here with your Thomas Aquinas. The practice of circumcision is the proof that settles the question once and for all.

If you were going to invent a religion, would you start by cutting off the end of your genital apparatus? Only God would have thought of such a thing, and only an almighty God would convince people to do it. Would you do it for Elron Hubbard? Hell, no. And this, by the way, also proves that God has a great sense of humor.

I guess that one belongs on a list of things that I can prove, but I got carried away with myself.

9. Why dogs don't watch television: A television image is a two-dimensional representation of three-dimensional space, and the ability to comprehend such representation is beyond the canine brain. To a dog, television looks like a talking Jackson Pollock painting, and the dog sensibly ignores it.
Glen is a funny genius.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
A Long-Standing Practice
Marlowe's Shade brought this to our attention last week: WWII Pope Told Churches Not to Return Holocaust War Babies. Then an article in NYT, brought the subject up again: Saving Jewish Children, but at What Cost?
In October 1946, just a year after the defeat of the Nazis, the Vatican weighed in on one of the most painful episodes of the postwar era: the refusal to allow Jewish children who had been sheltered by Catholics during the war to return to their own families and communities.

A newly disclosed directive on the this subject provides written confirmation of well-known church policy and practices at the time, particularly toward Jewish children who had been baptized, often to save them from perishing at the hands of the Nazis. Its tone is cold and impersonal, and it makes no mention of the horrors of the Holocaust.

Its disclosure has reopened a raw debate on the World War II role of the Catholic Church and of Pope Pius XII, a candidate for sainthood who has been excoriated by his critics as a heartless anti-Semite who maintained a public silence on the Nazi death camps and praised by his supporters as a savior of Jewish lives.

The NYT article mentioned another case of a Jewish child raised as a Christian. Edgardo Mortara was forcibly kidnapped from his home by the Catholic Church because he had secretly been baptised by a servant.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Goldberg On The Odious United Nations
NRO's Jonah Goldberg makes some great points in a townhall.com article.

If the issue is helping suffering people, why did the United Nations crowd - led by Clare Short, the former head of U.N. international development - scream bloody murder when it was announced that India, Japan, Australia and the United States would coordinate aid efforts? Short declared that any efforts to help the suffering tsunami victims outside U.N. authority would "undermine" the world body.

So much for pragmatism. Who cares who helps the needy, and under what flag, as long as it gets done?

As it happens, the United Nations' most ardent supporters are anything but pragmatists. They hope passionately that the organization might become what Tennyson called the "Parliament of Man, the Federation of the world." Or they hope with equal fervor that it may serve as an idealistic alternative to American hegemony. Or they wish for both. And that's where I start having problems.

I don't have any objection to the United Nations' technocratic functions. As a practical matter, if it makes sense to have a central clearinghouse to organize the building of water treatment plants in the Third World, OK, fine. Most of us agree that helping victims of natural disasters, inoculating children, feeding the starving and so forth are good things - just as we all agree it's a good thing for our garbage to be collected.

But it is a huge intellectual leap to go from saying garbage should be collected to saying that the government should collect it. Similarly, you need to demonstrate that the United Nations' noble efforts cannot be carried out by someone else.

More to the point, it's an even grosser intellectual stolen base to claim or suggest that because the United Nations does good things in Somalia or Sri Lanka that we should assume its political motives are just as pure. The Nazis were brilliant at delivering social services. Hamas' "political wing" builds hospitals and inoculates babies, but that doesn't make it any less of a terrorist organization.
Ouch, that has to sting. His point is powerful, though.
Now, the United Nations isn't a hotbed of Nazis and terrorists, by any stretch. But it's not a democratic, representative body either. Absolute power resides in the Security Council, whose core members originally included two brutal totalitarian regimes, China and the Soviet Union - both of which remain (in altered form) authoritarian regimes to varying degrees. Meanwhile, the larger General Assembly is chockablock with kleptocratic lickspittles working on orders from their dictatorial paymasters in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

This is why I find it so infuriating when people talk about how the "nations of the world" voted on this or that in some U.N. resolution. No they didn't. Some nations voted through their representatives, other nations had one criminal cabal or another vote in their name. And if you believe - as so many opponents of the Iraq war did - that barbaric dictators are legitimate rulers because international law says so, then international law upholds the logic of the Fuehrer.
Leftists who stand in religious awe of the UN stand in religious awe of authoritarianism and injustice. Not exactly a new situation for them to be in...is it.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
The Iraq Insurgency: Libyan Direction?
We all thought Syria was the nerve center of the insurgency's leadership but apparently Libya has a prominent role as well, if Geostrategy Direct is to be believed.
Saddam Hussein may never see the light of day, but his leading aides have found a haven in Libya to fulfill their dream of returning to Iraq.

Libya has served as a new haven for Saddam loyalists and financiers of the Sunni war in Iraq. Saddam loyalists have turned the Iraqi embassy in Tripoli into the exile headquarters of the war against the United States.

In effect, the Iraqi embassy has become the Ba'ath Party stronghold. Iraqi sources said the embassy no longer functions as a representative of the interim government headed by Prime Minister Iyad Alawi.

Anwar Mawlud Dhiban, who holds meetings in the embassy and uses its facilities courtesy of the Libyan regime, leads the Saddam organization.

Tripoli has granted Dhiban, a former Iraqi ambassador, political asylum.

Dhiban has made a career of being a thug for Saddam. He was president of the Iraqi National Student Union, which meant that he recruited agents for assassinations and dirty tricks.

Saddam appointed Dhiban Iraqi ambassador to Mauritania, where he continued dirty operations for Baghdad. Mauritania was so outraged that the North African country severed relations with Iraq. That's when he was given the post as ambassador to Tripoli.

In March 2003, Dhiban witnessed the end of the Saddam regime. And that meant it was time for him to grab what he could. Iraqi sources said he seized about $750,000 in embassy funds before Saddam fled Baghdad.

What does the Iraqi embassy do today? It mostly relays money, orders and insurgents to the Sunni war in Iraq. The embassy issues passports to foreign Arab nationals so they can enter Iraq.

The Saddam loyalists have been helped by the cream of the Arab terrorist movements. Take Abdul Aziz Al Najm. He is the head of the Hamas office in Tripoli and has been helping Dhiban send thugs to blow up women and children in car bombings around Iraqi cities.

Iraq has reluctantly raised the issue with Tripoli, but so far nothing has been done. The United States, which seeks a rapprochement with Tripoli, would prefer that the issue be dealt with quietly. Tripoli expects to be removed from the State Department terror list in 2005.
Qaddhafi hasn't changed his spots.
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