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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Error in Translation
From Elms in the Yard:
Here’s to better understanding (and translations, including mine) in 2005.
Thank you, Rahel. And this goes for all of us.

bloggie opens mouth, inserts foot
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guest author: Azadeh in Discarded Lies:
If any country is ready for leaving Islam, it is Iran
Hi I'm Iranian and I watch this show.

This guy's show isn't aimed to "mock" Islam. He is a scholar of history. He reads historical sources about the Arab invasion of Persia and the atrocities that they caused from the original Arabic books. The mullahs in Iran for centuries have censored these sources and told us that Iranian accepted Islam with open arms. He tells it the way it really happened. He also translates the Quran and asks things like "what kind of God would order his followers to cut off the arm and leg of those who disagree with him from opposite sides"? (this is in Surah Al-Maeda from the Quran but I forget the Aya). This is just one example. There are thousands of other things like this in the Quran and he is going through the entire Quran from start to finish. Right now he is half-way through. He also shows videotapes of Islamic executions, stonings, amputations, and beheadings to show the real face of Islam. It is very chilling. He once read a paragraph from an Islamic source about how the Muslim army beheaded 17,000 Iranians from the city of Rey (near modern-day Tehran), 35,000 from the city of Shooshtar (in the province of Khuzestan), 12,000 from this city, 40,000 from that city, 20,000 people from that city and then right after it he showed a beheading videotape. I didn't have the stomach to watch but he looked like he was going to throw up right after it. He shows one beheading videotape everyday. Sometime he shows taking out people's eyes and amputating limbs and stonings. But the work he does is scholarly work and not like either "The Life of Brian" or "Piss Christ". He is a great champion and has even said that he is willing to die for telling the truth.

I don't know if you guy know this or not, but over a span of 26 years the Islamic regime has killed more than one hundred dissident Iranians across Europe with more or less immunity from European governments. The first victim was the nephew of the exiled Shah in France and the latest ones were 5 Kurdish leaders that were slain in Germnay. The European governments did absolutely nothing. Fouladvand had started this TV station 4 years ago but the British government stopped him from broadcasting. So now he broadcasts via the internet to a studio in North America and from there it feeds it to a satellite channel. I don't know what is wrong with Europe but it appears that they really really like these murdering mullahs.

But Fouladvand is not just another TV presenter. He has started a movement for overthrowing the Islamic regime and this TV station is a way of giving and getting information to and from Iran. I don't much about how they plan to overthrow the regime because obviously they are being secretive and don't want the regime to know their plans. A major problem is that not everyone has a satellite and knows about this show and this movement. But he has become very popular despite all odds. If any country is ready for leaving Islam, it is Iran. I mean lets face it. If this program was broadcasted in any other language this station would be bombarded with angry hatemail and hate phone calls about how you are insulting our religion and our prophet and you should be killed. But people call him left and right and thank him for saying what was in their minds all along but they didn't have the guts to come out and talk about it in public. The only ones who seems to be angry are mullahs such as Shariatmadari and his ilk. Plus people watch him despite the fact that his internet broadcast has very very very low quality and gets cut off every two minutes and there are a lot more interesting TV stations showing the latest fashion and music. Who wants to hear 24 hours of Islamic doom and gloom about beheadings and stonings when you can watch movies and listen to music? But people do.

The regime is not sitting by and watching. Besides going to desperate measures to find out where he lives so they can kill him, they have also started spreading wild rumours about him like he slept with this or that person from his own family or that he stole large sums of money or that he is an illiterate nobody who doesn't really have a Ph. D. A classic case of character assassination which seems to have backfired and made him more popular. Even if the mullahs kill him, there are videotapes of his program being passed around from person to person which have the same effect as if he were alive. People pay money to buy CDs of his show. What needed to be said was already said. The damage to Islam has been done. They can't reverse it even if they kill Fouladvand. That would only make a martyr out of him and make him even more legendary and popuar (which Muslims are very fond of but only when it benefits them).

UPDATED 01/02/05:

What makes this show great is that this guy doesn't say anything from history until he shows the evidence for it. The overwhelming majority of Iranians do not understand Arabic and the mullahs have been able to plagarize history books in order to hide the atrocities that our ancestors suffered after the Isalmic invasion of our homeland. But the Arabic sources proudly talk about their bloody conquests and how many people where and when they beheaded and how many Iranians they took with them back to Arabia and sold as slaves! Everything he reads is from the original source and he translates it from the original Arabic into Persian right there. He even holds up the pages up to the screen and shows it so that people know he isn't making any of it up.

One very important point that I forgot to mention is that a few weeks ago this channel showed a few secret documents sent to them by dissidents working within the regime from a few years back. One was about how the regime spent 5.7 million dollars three years ago to buy the silence of various opposition groups in Los Angeles. But the most important one was a document by a mullah named Hojjatol eslam Ali Akbar Nateq Nouri who is representative of the supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The document shows that the regime is not just aiding and abetting Al Qaeda but actually helping them carry out terrorist attacks (no surprise there since Islam and the Quran are the root of ancient and modern terrorism and Al Qaeda and Khomieni are just manifestations of it). The memo said that the regime's so-called Revolutionary Guards and elements of the Intelligence Ministry should "continue their cooperation with Al-Qaeda but must be careful so that the West doesn't find out of their relationship with Al-Qaeda beyond what they already know with Ayman Al-Zawahiri and Imad al-Din Muqniyah (meaning the West already knows of the mullahs relationship with these two al Qaeda leaders but not beyond this)". If you want to see the actual document go to http://www.anjomane-padeshahi.org/main.html and click on the second link from the right hand side on the top corner and then click on the first link from the top and then click on the first link from the top again. It shows this document as a jpg image. You can copy and paste the image although it's in Persian (well supposedly Persian but 95% of the words in this document are Arabic and it's hard even for me to understand... The mullah regime is very fond of the Arabic language). You can get anyone to translate it for you. Now why the West refuses to believe that the Shi'ite mullahs occuping our Iranian homeland are in fact a part of Al Qaeda is beyond me. Shi'ite, Sunni, Wahhabi, Salafi, etc what's the difference? They all believe in beheadings, amputations, plucking of eyes, and mass-murder. This document prooves it.

By the way, the cutting off hands and feet is in Surah Al Maeda, Aya 33 (or 5:33). It says: "The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter;". This is just one example, there are hundreds of other verses like this one. Please include this in my post too.

I also have a request from your readers. Anyone who thinks that common sense, basic decency and respect for your fellow human beings dictates that this guy is telling the truth should do everything in their power to support this movement. I know that this isn't your fight and we Iranians must fight to free our homeland ourselves and we will. But I don't want this guy to be killed or stopped and we must pressure the British government to change their unacceptable position and instead condemn the mullah Shariatmadari that issues these death sentences from half way around the world for a man who has done nothing but tell the truth. It's appaulling that the mullah that utters death threats isn't the one getting criticized but the man who talks about the history of Iran gets "strongly condemned" by the British government. There is a double standard when they say "people's beliefs should be respected". Which people's beliefs? Does the belief of Iranians that no longer want to be a slave of Islam get any respect? Or is this "respect" reversed for a few mullahs that have nothing better to do than utter death threats for people who live half way around the world? For God's sake, they are condemning the guy who talks about history but say nothing about the mullahs that threaten people with death! This guy is broadcasting for an Iranian audience via the internet and a US network is broadcasting him. It has nothing to with Britain. The British government can't control the internet. It's outrageous that they would "strongly condemn" an Iranian man for talking on the internet in Persian language to an Iranian audience. If they try to stop him for a second time then they are truly on the side of the terrorists and British nationals only have their own government to blame if they ever have a 9/11 attack (God forbid). Are there any British people reading this? Why does Britain want to keep these terrorist mullahs in power? They are cooperating with Al Qaeda for goodness sake! Do they want a 9/11 attack in their homeland? It is bound to happen somewhere in Europe if these mullahs stay in power. I think the British government should watch at least a week of this show before they "condemn" this guy. They would see that his aim is not to mock anything. He is putting his life in danger out of love for Iran. Would so many people love his show so much if he was mocking their beliefs? The only people that hate him are either mullahs such as Shariatmadari or their hezbollahi terrorist supporters. If there are British or European readers (even Australian, Japanese, Chinese, American, Canadian, etc), I think you should write to the British government and remind them that it's not right to comdemn a person for speaking the turth but remain silent about killers that utter even more death threats in order to keep the truth hidden for a while longer.

I apologize for making it so long. But I think everything I said was important. Thank you for reading my post.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Wither The Arab Liberals
No, that's not a typo in the title. A brave Arab voice in the wilderness speaks out on Darfur and on the decimation of the Arab liberal intelligentsia by pan-Arabism and Islamism, the twin fascist ideologies that excuse every monstrosity and snuff every candle in the Arab world.

"The catastrophe unfolding these days in Darfur, Western Sudan, is considered to be the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. According to all credible reports, nearly a quarter million people are already lost, and one million more will follow suit in the coming months, unless urgent action is taken.

"UN Secretary General Kofi Anan described the matter as a collective massacre of civilians… In contrast, a deafening silence was observed throughout the Arab world on the horrendous crime being committed by their fellow Arabs in Sudan. This 'puzzle' was explained by Kamel Labidi, in an Op-ed article in the Wall Street Journal of July 5, 2004, by the fact that the voices of the Arab human rights community remain of little influence due to lack of access to the official media. The fact of the matter, however, is that official media is of no relevance to Arabs today, thanks to the advent of independent TV channels and the Internet."

"In our judgment, the Arab silence could only be explained once we understand the true nature of the twin fascisms of Islamism and pan-Arabism that continue to wreak havoc on Arab land, and the impact they are having on the ignorant masses.

"To obtain credible information, Arabs turn nowadays to satellite TV channels, especially Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya, a tool of communications that is so far completely monopolized by Fundamentalists. In the case of Al-Jazeera, Preacher Youssef Al-Qaradhawi (a leading figure of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood) is one of its most influential founding members. And Fundamentalists are in charge of its news programs and talk shows…"
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Hardcore Leftists Poke Andrew Jackson; Puerto Rico's Majority Watches In Silence
"Former" US Marine (once a Marine, always one) and Puerto Rican Manuel Casiano looks at the strategic consequences of recent developments in Puerto Rico, and his analysis of the situation is borne out well: the leftists appear to be arranging an undemocratic putsch, fooling the majority into playing along without realizing the consequences of what they're doing. He tries to wake Puerto Rico up.

Unfortunately, the perception now is that most people in Puerto Rico want independence and that we want the Americans out! In fact, President Bush a few years ago said, in reference to Vieques, "They don’t want us there." But his thinking went farther than just Vieques. In fact, the thinking of others in the White House and in Congress is just that.

The U.S. has much bigger problems to deal with right now than Puerto Rico. But little by little, that perception is growing and, from the White House on down, they are someday going to say: "Wait a minute. We don’t need Puerto Rico anymore! We gave up the Ramey Air Force Base, Navy operations in Culebra, Sabana Seca Base, Vieques, Roosevelt Roads Naval Base, the U.S. Army South Headquarters in San Juan. In fact, all we have in Puerto Rico is the Coast Guard working to try and stop massive drug smuggling into Puerto Rico and thousands of foreign immigrants from illegally entering the island every month; and a small Army operation at Fort Buchanan that is really not a military base so much as a convenience post for American veterans. If we remove the few Coast Guard personnel and vessels in Puerto Rico, who are here to prevent the entry of illegal drugs and immigrants, these problems then become Puerto Rico’s problems. We just have to see that the drugs and illegal immigrants don’t enter the U.S. mainland from Puerto Rico. That wouldn’t be too hard for us to control since Puerto Rico is 1,000 miles away over the ocean from the U.S. mainland."

The bottom line is that the silent majority of Puerto Ricans–easily 85% who are very happy and proud to be both American and Puerto Rican–are being taken for a ride to independence.

All the U.S. has to do when it finally gets fed up with those "ungrateful Puerto Ricans" who receive $17 billion net a year from the federal government, from taxes paid by stateside Americans, is to declare us independent. The U.S. can do that unilaterally.

What would you do if you were a stateside American, not Puerto Rican, and were being insulted and your flag was being burned continuously? What if you were being pushed out despite the fact that you are sending $17 billion of your tax dollars down here to "ungrateful people" who hate you? What if you didn’t need them anymore for strategic military defense reasons?

Having been born and raised in the States, having served in the U.S. Marines for four years with men and women from all over the country, and having dealt for years with many city, state, and federal officials in government, in Congress and right up to the White House, I know one thing. Americans are an easy-going people, a very generous and benevolent people. But they will be pushed only so far. When they say "enough," they are the most powerful people in the world and will do what has to be done.

Independentistas know that and are counting on it to bring independence to Puerto Rico.

If the silent majority here doesn’t wake up soon we won’t need a plebiscite to decide the status issue. It will be decided for us and it will be too late to reverse that decision in Washington.

If the silent majority stays silent, we’ll find out soon enough.
If Puerto Rico becomes independent by angering the United States enough to cut it loose or by electing a party to govern them that is beholden to independistas, they'll have no one to blame but themselves.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Bad, Bad America
Quote of the week (and applicable to the last few decades) brought to you by our King of Fools:
When America tries to depose a dictator like Saddam Hussein who put tens of thousands of Iraqi Shiites in mass graves and who was trying to acquire weapons that would allow him to kill tens of thousands of Israelis or Americans, the left complains that America is trying to be a global policeman and needs to learn humility. But when a naturally generated tsunami hits Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand, killing hundreds of thousands, it is somehow assumed that the American government must take the lead in the disaster relief efforts.
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guest author: Sine in Discarded Lies:
Compassionate Conservatism: Not Just a Cliche
Nicholas Kristof writes:
One of the most conservative, religious, fascinating - and, in many ways, admirable - politicians in America today is Sam Brownback, the senator from Kansas who is a leader of the Christian right.

Sure, Mr. Brownback is to the right of Attila the Hun, and I disagree with him on just about every major issue. But 'tis the season for brotherly love, so let me point to reasons for hope. Members of the Christian right, exemplified by Mr. Brownback, are the new internationalists, increasingly engaged in humanitarian causes abroad - thus creating opportunities for common ground between left and right on issues we all care about.

So Democrats should clamber down from the window ledges, roll up their sleeves and get to work on some of these issues. Because I'm embarrassed to say that Democrats have been so suspicious of Republicans that they haven't contributed much on those human rights issues where the Christian right has already staked out its ground.
Although Kristof calls some of the Christian right's foreign aid policies "deeply misguided," he concludes that:
Frankly, Democrats aren't going to accomplish much on their own over the next four years, but by working with the likes of Mr. Brownback they might register real progress on sex trafficking, an African-American history museum, malaria and immigration reform. That would be a much better use of the next four years than sulking.
When the Right Is Right
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Happy New Year, World, from America
We will stick around and aid the people of Afghanistan and Iraq in any way we can, just like we did in Germany, Japan, and South Korea. Our taxes build schools and hospitals. Our citizens donate what they can because they care about all people (living in a pluralistic society will imbue that sort of sentiment). Our sons and daughters spill their blood and sometimes die—not for oil or conquest, but for freedom. The world needs freedom, and it's up to all good people to help the world to get it. We've always done our part, even when the world is wholly ungrateful, or even hostile to us in return. It's who we are, and we're not ashamed of that.
From the always excellent Clarity & Resolve: Another Great Year. Read it all.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Like 9/11, But There Is No One To Blame
The US is boosting official aid to 350 million dollars-ten times as much as before. That's the spirit. Non-governmental help, corporate and individual is already a multiple of that, I'm sure. As our reader lawhawk pointed out, Pfizer gave ten million dollars cash plus 25 million dollars in their medical products. Here's another corporation that's making a difference: Fedex! Go to Winds of Change.NET for the details on Operation 'Fill A FedEx Jet With Aid for Tsunami Victims'.
The United States is pledging $350 million to help tsunami victims, a tenfold increase over its first wave of aid, President Bush announced Friday.

"Initial findings of American assessment teams on the ground indicate that the need for financial and other assistance will steadily increase in the days and weeks ahead," Bush said Friday in a statement released in Crawford, Texas, where he is staying at his ranch.

"Our contributions will continue to be revised as the full effects of this terrible tragedy become clearer," he said. "Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this epic disaster."

Bush also is sending Secretary of State Colin Powell to Indian Ocean coastal areas ravaged by earthquake and tsunami to assess what more the United States needs to do. The president's brother, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, will travel with him.

The newly announced aid came after some critics claimed that the initial U.S. contribution of $35 million was meager considering the vast wealth of the nation.

France has promised $57 million, Britain has pledged $95 million, Sweden is sending $75.5 million and Spain is offering $68 million, although that pledge is partly in loans.

Powell was traveling to New York on Friday to discuss the crisis with U. N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Bush said disaster response officials are on the ground and the United States has established a support center in Thailand that is in operation. More than 20 patrol and cargo aircraft have been made available to assess the disaster and deliver relief supplies, he said.

"Many of those aircraft are on the scene," Bush said.

The president said the United States has dispatched the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, a maritime squadron from Guam and an amphibious ship carrying a Marine expeditionary unit. "They will soon be in position to support relief efforts to include the generation of clean water," he said.

On Friday, the president spoke by phone with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin about the relief and recovery efforts and was briefed by Powell and National Security Council officials on the efforts under way.

White House deputy press secretary Trent Duffy, who read the president's statement to reporters on the phone, did not disclose details of where the additional U.S. aid was being found in government coffers. He said, however, that the administration was talking with congressional officials about replenishing funds being used to back the tsunami aid pledge.

The president's brother, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who has experience with extensive hurricane damage in Florida, will travel with Powell overseas. A congressional delegation headed by Rep. Jim Leach, R-Iowa, a former U.S. foreign service officer, is scheduled to visit Thailand and Sri Lanka next week.
One of the biggest mensches in the world, a man I'm proud to say I had the opportunity to vote for and did, is Bill Frist.
Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who often travels to blighted areas, said Thursday he plans to visit India to try to help victims of tsunamis that have left millions of people at risk of disease.

"I feel like I've been hit in the stomach," Frist, R-Tenn., said in an e-mail to friends and supporters. "It is like 9/11 but so different. There is no one to blame."
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guest author: Semite5000 in Discarded Lies:
Almost over
Today Samara returned to NYC. That leaves 5 of us English teachers. The mayor's office of Seocho City organized a farewell dinner at a Chinese restaurant last night. It was a nice time and an okay meal. I ate my first 1000 Year Old Egg and also a bowl of Shark Fin Soup. Throughout the meal a photographer walked around snapping pictures ...

... And speaking of pictures, last Thursday a professional photographer came to my school to take pictures of Nyeema and myself in action. The pictures will be used for a brochure that will advertise this program. I felt like a cheese ball having to pose, but after a while I just started having fun with it. They'd ask me to look like I was lecturing to the class. Or, they'd have me look like I was helping a student. Later we went outside to the playground and they asked me to join a game of soccer underway. Soccer is not my sport and these little brats were kicking my butt.. I got frustrated, so I just picked up the ball and ran down the field with it. Then I whipped it past the goalie and into the goal. Whhhhewwwww hoooo!

I've heard people stereotype Asians over the years as being smarter than other students, or better at math. Admittedly this is not the worst stereotype to "suffer" from. Nevertheless, according to statistics I've seen over the years Asian-American students do seem to score very high on tests and whatnot. However, having spent a fair amount of time working with Korean first, fifth and sixth graders, I don't believe they are innately any more intelligent than any other children.

But they do study a hell of a lot! Man, these kids study all the time. For example, my host siblings spend most of their after school hours either being tutored or studying. Off the top of my head, my host siblings each have piano lessons; a math tutor; an English tutor (not including the daily tutoring that I give them); a computer tutor; a science tutor ... oh, and "John" plays the Korean flute and "Cindy" also plays the recorder. And when they are not having an actual tutor working with them in their bedrooms, they are often studying.

And no, it's not just my family. All of the other English teachers have marveled at the amount of time their host siblings spend either studying or being tutored. The kids also have school 6 days per week, although Saturday is a half day.

As far as I can tell, the kids don't seem to mind. Perhaps it is because it's all they know. I asked Mrs. Chong a few weeks ago if she thought the children got enough time to play, or just veg-out. She said that some children have complained to her that they have to study too much. So, perhaps some of them are aware, but many others don't mind. I imagine Korean parents threaten their children thusly:

"Youn-Joon, if you don't behave yourself you're gonna have to go outside and play after school!"

"But mommy ... okay, I'll listen. Please, I want to study tonight. I do, I really do. I'll be good."

Anyway, I'll be back home sometime between 6/20-24, but no later than the 24th. As much as I love it here, I'm itching to get back. My host family is wonderful, but I really need to get back to living in my own flat, with my brother/roommate and my three cats and dog.

I've come to really miss being the "master of my domain" (no, not a Seinfeldian euphemism for masturbation!). Living in my own flat was something I took for granted, probably because it ain't a big deal (well, if you're a 31 year old it ain't). But then you live in a host family for two months, and you long for your complete independence again. Gaining a new perspective on your life back home is one of the most valuable things you get from traveling. Notwithstanding the experiences I have had, I have learned to appreciate anew some things about my life back in America.

Seoul, a city of 10 million people, does not have good air quality. I don't think the Koreans have as strict emissions laws as we do in the States. Your lungs can tell the difference. Further, Korea has a very high population density. Roads are thinner, traffic is heavier, housing is smaller. Most public places are very crowded and one must get used to being occasionally jostled and bumped in to.

Since I've been here I have not gone jogging outside. The main reason is because of the poor air quality. I'll also look forward to returning to a city with houses- and to live in one myself. There are basically no houses in Seoul, just apartment complexes. That means no backyards, no front-yards. Not as much greenery either, although Seocho has more trees than most parts of Seoul. I'm looking forward to having a car and not having to rely on public transportation. I'm looking forward to driving on streets that are mostly un-congested.

My host families' CD player on their stereo is broken. Even if it worked, I'd hardly have any opportunities to play music. Instead I listen to music on ear phones via a diskman. It's better than nothing. But I used to blast music in my room and sing along to my heart's content. Or, I'd blast it in the car and sing there. Man, I miss the simple pleasure of blasting music after a shower, jumping around in my underwear as I sing at the top of my lungs, picking up my doumbek or bongos and pounding away to the beat of the music.

So, as my time here winds down, I've been thinking a lot about what I miss back home and what I'll miss here. I would really love to return one day, and who knows, maybe I'll be back. Either way, I've really developed a taste for kimche and will definitely have to find an Asian store that sells the stuff, preferably southern cabbage kimche, which is my absolute favorite.

Oh yes, and I realize I've listed material things that I miss. It goes without saying that naturally I miss all you -- my friends and family -- and look forward to getting back and hanging out again.

See you all soon,

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