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Islamic Seditionists Put In Their Place
UK Home Secretary John Reid and former Tory leader Michael Howard have delivered the UK's succinct reply to the seditious poison-pen letter by a selection of Islamic MPs, Muslim Lords, and a Muslim Baroness. In American terms, what happened is that a bipartisan selection of British leaders told them "big mistake, assholes."
Home Secretary John Reid has described as "a dreadful misjudgement" an open letter in which Muslim groups criticise British foreign policy.

The letter, signed by three Muslim MPs, three peers and 38 groups, suggested some policies provoked terrorists acts.

Mr Reid said no competent government would remain in power if policies were "dictated by terrorists".

Echoing this stance, former Tory leader Michael Howard said the letter had given "ammunition" to extremists.

He said: "It is, I think, completely misconceived to suggest that we should change our foreign policy because it might cause some people to take up arms against us.

"That's a form of blackmail and I think that letter was completely misconceived."


The home secretary said he would not question the motives of those who signed the letter, but said it was a "dreadful misjudgement if they believe that the foreign policy of this country should be shaped in part or in whole under the threat of terrorist activity".

Mr Reid told the BBC: "No government worth its salt would stay in power in my view, and no government worth its salt, would be supported by the British people if our foreign policy or any other aspect of policy was being dictated by terrorists.

"That is not the British way, it is antithetical to our very central values. We decide things in this country by democracy, not under the threat of terrorism."
UPDATE 10:45 PM: this is a big, big deal.
Other ministers have called the letter "facile", "dangerous" and "foolish" and Downing Street said Mr Blair "stands ready" to confront his critics when he returns from summer holiday and defend his record over the Middle East.

The letter was signed by 38 groups, including the Muslim Council of Britain, and three of the four Muslim MPs.

Lord Stevens, the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner, created controversy yesterday when he called for "passenger profiling" on flights. Writing in the News of the World, he said airport chaos could be cut by more rigorous checks for "young Muslim men". He said that similar procedures had made Israeli airports the "safest in the world".

Muhammad Abdul Bari, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: "This is an extreme form of stereotyping."
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UK believes it has Al Qaeda's local princeling
If they really got Al Qaeda's UK Emir, then this is an even bigger coup in the war on terror. There is thought to be one more major terrorist attack planned for this fall, and his capture may have derailed that, as well.
SECURITY sources believe that a man arrested in last week’s anti- terror raids in Britain is Al-Qaeda’s leader in this country.

Home Office officials say that one of those arrested is suspected not only of masterminding the foiled plot to bring down up to nine transatlantic airliners, but also of involvement in other planned atrocities over the past few years.

They believe that he was instrumental in sending the ringleader of at least one previous British terror plot for training at a camp in Pakistan last year. He is described by counter-terrorist officials at MI5 as the senior figure in a British terror network involving Kashmiri, north African and Iraqi cells.

Scotland Yard believes that the plan to bring down airliners involved up to 20 terrorists who were planning to smuggle liquid bomb components in hand luggage onto nine British and American passenger jets.

Their targets were planes leaving Heathrow and possibly three other British airports later this month.

The bombs were to be assembled on board by combining peroxide and acid-based substances into liquid explosives. The plan was to explode the devices simultaneously as the planes headed for cities in America.

Paul Stephenson, deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan police, said it was a plot “to commit mass murder on an unimaginable scale”. It is estimated that as many as 3,000 people could have been killed.

The thwarting of the alleged plot has, however, failed to quash continuing fears among counter-terrorist experts. Senior security officials have briefed ministers that a “second phase” of attacks may be about to be launched.

At least two suspects escaped last Wednesday night’s police raids. Although they are not thought to be significant players, there remain concerns that they may now be galvanised into taking some form of unspecified action.

Ayman al-Zawahiri, Al-Qaeda’s deputy head, is said to have warned in a message placed on a restricted extremists’ website last month that the terrorist group was planning two large-scale attacks this autumn.

The FBI has assigned 200 agents to follow up any leads that come out of the British investigation. Security sources said that separate surveillance operations by police and MI5 were continuing into a variety of suspected plots by other terror cells.

These included plans, said to be in their early stages, to target ferry ports, the railway network and the London Underground. Police say they are also stepping up patrols at some mainline railway stations.
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40 Arrests in Italy; FBI chasing down Stateside leads
The plot thickens: 40 people arrested in Italy over airline bomb plot.
ROME (AFX) - Forty people have been arrested in Italy during a police operation launched in the wake of the alleged terrorist plot to blow up US-bound airplanes, the ANSA news agency reported.

Twenty-eight of the detainees were arrested for violating their residency permits, while 15 search operations had been launched in "foreigners' apartments, almost all Pakistanis", the report said.

It was not immediately known if any of the 40 people arrested had any connection with the alleged plot uncovered by British police on Thursday to bomb passenger jets flying between Britain and the United States.
The FBI has 20 guys chasing down leads in the US, too:
(CBS News) LONDON A top White House counterterrorism official tried to reassure the public Friday that it's safe to fly even as she acknowledged that investigators continue to search for some of the terrorists accused of planning to blow up airliners over the Atlantic Ocean.

Frances Fragos Townsend, President Bush's homeland security adviser, did not rule out that some missing plotters may be in the United States.

"There are leads that the FBI is running," Townsend told ABC's "Good Morning America" during a round of morning television interviews.

"We are looking for connections between anyone in the United States and the plotters in the U.K., but we don't have any evidence that there is an active threat or cell here," she told CBS.
This line is classic:
Neighbors identified one of the suspects as Don Stewart-Whyte, 21, from High Wycombe, a convert who changed his name to Abdul Waheed.

"He converted to Islam about six months ago and grew a full beard," said a neighbor, who refused to be identified. "He used to smoke weed and drink a lot but he is completely different now."
Yes, now he's a mass-murderer!
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Terrorist's sister links him to Galloway
Suspect 'met Galloway'-this one also via the NY Sun's blog.
TERROR suspect Waheed Zaman met controversial MP George Galloway many times, his sister said last night.

Safeena, 24, said of her 23-year-old brother: “He saw it as his duty to stand up for his community and that’s what led him to know George Galloway. He has a lot of respect for him and has met him many times.”

A spokesman for MP Galloway, above, said: “Waheed Zaman is not a name that George is familiar with. He is not known to him on a personal level.”

There is no suggestion Galloway is an associate of Zaman.
Notice the last sentence. British libel laws, you know. Even the Sun has to shelter its buttocks.
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What the hell, Italy?
Stefania Lapenna has an excellent piece in TechCentralStation chiding her leftist countrymen who are persecuting their g-men for doing their jobs. An excerpt of her excellent piece, Spy vs. Shy, points out an essential hypocrisy of the Left, and a major reason why they can't be trusted. They bleat that war is not the answer, intelligence work is-but then they imprison and try intelligence agents for "war crimes" when they do their job.
"War is never the answer." That's the official motto of the world's left wing in response to the war on terror's military option. True to form, the Italian left has always advocated a "non-military" approach to the war on the global jihad, saying that intelligence could be a better option to dismantle clandestine home-grown terrorist networks.

Yet, sometimes action doesn't match even this lame sloganeering. This is the case with Italy's center-left government. Last month, the government ordered the arrest of two officials of the intelligence services, better known as SISMI. The arrests took place amidst a fierce political debate over the role SISMI had in what is being called the kidnapping of a radical Islamist imam, Abu Omar. The latter was a notorious preacher of hatred and jihad in the mosque of Viale Jenner, in Milan, and was accused of sending money to Al Qaeda. The government claims that the two SISMI officials knew about the CIA's main role in the kidnapping.

In what Magdi Allam, the Egyptian-born investigative journalist and deputy editor of Il Corriere della Sera, calls a governmental operation against counter-terrorist activities, another investigation has been opened against Renato Farina, a columnist for the right-wing daily Libero. Farina has been accused of helping SISMI find the imam. The journalist has admitting doing so and, in an op-ed published in Libero, apologized. But he noted that "it's sad that terrorists walk free and journalists are arrested for warning the intelligence about the danger these [terror-preaching imams] pose to our national security".
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Bury Her Next To The Gipper
A troublemaking, nasty, stupid bint of a Labour MP is offended on behalf of her even more moronic constituents that Margaret Thatcher might receive a state funeral, and is raising a fuss over it. Typically, Blair's useless appendages quickly backed down and claimed there were "no such plans". The British are parsimonious with their state funerals; the only Prime Ministers who've received them are Churchill and the Duke of Wellington. I say give Maggie a state funeral when she croaks, but don't tell invite any damn Labour MPs. And please, cremate Rosie Cooper and shoot her remains into the sun when she dies.
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Brit Nazi Abortionists Seek To Eradicate Autism
Chuck Colson points out an alarming development in the Culture of Death: British boffins are seeking to have autistic children aborted, because they are in their view inferior. I know a few autistic people, being a geeky kind of guy, and I'm certain they would disagree heartily that they should have been aborted. It's far from a life not worth living. I wonder how these amoral wannabe Gods sleep at night.
British medical researchers recently announced plans to use cutting-edge science to eliminate a condition my family is familiar with: autism. Actually, they are not “curing” autism or even making life better for autistic people. Their plan is to eliminate autism by eliminating autistic people.

There is no in utero test for autism as there is for Down syndrome. As I have previously told “BreakPoint” listeners, that testing, combined with abortion-on-demand, has made people with Down syndrome an endangered population. By some estimates, 90 percent of these people—who, if allowed to live, can live happy and healthy lives—are aborted.

In the absence of such a test for autism, researchers at University College Hospital London are settling for what they call a “close enough” solution. They have applied for permission to use pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, or PGD, to screen out male embryos in families with a history of autism.

Their “logic” is that since 90 percent of all autistic people are males, their testing would allow families with autistic children “to have a daughter free from the condition.” Of course, they would have also killed males who were not autistic. Talk about wholesale gender cleansing.

The critics are not convinced. Simone Aspis of the British Council of Disabled People drew the what-should-be obvious inference: “Screening for autism would create a society where only perfection is valued.” In the brave new world of the researchers, it is reasonable to fear “that anyone who is different in any way will not be accepted.”

Here in the states, bioethicist Ben Mitchell said that “if unborn children are being eliminated for a genetic disposition to autism, no one is safe . . . Today autism, tomorrow intelligence below 70 I.Q., the next day male pattern baldness. When will this madness stop?”

The only way to avoid this is to understand that we have no business deciding “who should live and who should die.” And that’s exactly where proposals like this are leading us.

Once a disability is “diagnosed” in utero, women are subject to enormous pressures to have an abortion. According to a recent Business Week article, there’s even a name for women who refuse to have an abortion in these circumstances: “genetic outlaws.”

Despite all the rhetoric about “alleviating suffering,” the bottom line in targeting the disabled in utero is the bottom line. As Business Week puts it, “the social cost of accommodating [their] birth is increasingly being seen as exceeding [their] worth.”

Oh my! This utilitarian view of life inevitably leads us exactly where the Nazis were creating a master race. Can’t we see it?

My heart goes out to parents who are raising autistic children. I know what they face because my daughter is raising a 15-year-old autistic son. But I also know firsthand the joy and blessing these children can bring into our lives. The answer is not to play God and keep them from being born—rather we need to help them and their parents. That’s what “alleviating suffering” really means.
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Inconvenient Blair
David Horovitz (whose book "Still Life With Bombers" is a must-read) wrote an excellent editorial about Tony Blair: A leader who 'gets it,' and gets castigated for it. The main reason Blair's critics deride him is because he actually thinks Bush is right.
For large swathes of the British demographic - notably a goodly proportion of academia, the teaching profession, the church, the trade unions and the media - Bush is a bone-headed, leaden-footed warmonger, stirring up anti-Western aggression by throwing unthinking force at Islamic extremism. And Blair is his earnest little helper. Even the July 7 bombings last year in London - a home-hatched quadruple suicide bombing with no remotely conceivable purported legitimacy - left much of elite British public opinion disinclined to acknowledge that the world is in the throes of a struggle between those who value life and those who have been wooed into an Islamic death cult.

For many of these elites, the world would just be a better, safer place if Israel would only disappear. The Zionist enterprise is regarded as an incongruous colonial growth, an upstart irritant to its Muslim neighbors whose removal would immediately sate Islamic aggression and alleviate the core grievance deemed to be fuelling global Islamic terrorism.

Blair, inconveniently, begs to differ.
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God protect us from the peacekeepers
We really need a national "Slap A Frenchman" day. France: Israel Not Doing Enough, Iran ‘Stabilizing Element’
Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin told reporters at the news conference in France that Israel’s willingness to suspend its air strikes on Hizbullah terror targets was “only a first step, but still not enough.” De Villepin maintained that the “cessation of the aerial attacks is insufficient in light of the situation in Lebanon.”

At the news conference held in Beirut, French Foreign Minister Phillippe Douste-Blazy praised Iran as a “stabilizing force in the Middle East.” Douste-Blazy told reporters that Iran "is an outstanding country with great people and an honorable civilization. It has a crucial role in the region.”

Iran is the primary patron of the Hizbullah terror organization, which has fired close to 1,800 Katyusha missiles at northern Israeli communities in the past 20 days, killing 19 civilians and injuring hundreds more.
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Spain's pact of silence
Tomorrow Spain will mark the 70th anniversary of its civil war but there won't be any official ceremonies and according to Santos Julia, a respected historian, that's a good thing. "To forget is as important as to remember. There is no historical memory without voluntary forgetting," he wrote in the newspaper El Pais. I think that's a sad thing to say, especially for a historian. Is it really wise to forget something that led to a 40-year fascist dictatorship?
The 1936-39 war began with Franco leading a military uprising against Spain's secular, leftist government, and put him in power for nearly four decades.

The war is sometimes called a rehearsal for World War II. The battle between Franco's Nationalists and the Republican forces defending the government inflamed ideological nerves the world over. With Hitler backing Franco and Stalin backing the Republicans, the conflict crystallized the forces — democracy, fascism, communism — soon to clash all across Europe.

Franco's supporters see him as the man who held Spain together and saved it from Bolshevism. His critics call him a dictator who kept fascism alive in Spain for 30 years after World War II.

Given that deep divide, many think silence is still the safest course. That may help explain the government's reluctance to detail the workings of the commission is set up to study the future of the Valley of the Fallen.
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Following in the footsteps of the American Civil Rights Movement
The European Roma Rights Center is studying how the civil rights movement in the States used the court system to bring about social change and they're using the same tactics to stop segregation in Czech schools and to seek equal access to education and opportunities for Roma children. It's going to be a hard struggle for the Roma community because up until now they haven't been well organized or represented; what makes it even more difficult is having to deal with this kind of attitude from teachers and principals:
Jiri Smelik has been principal at a regular primary school here for 13 years. The names on his enrollment roster are indicative of the changes in the neighborhood. In his early days, 8% of his students were Roma; today, 70% are.

"I don't want to sound racist," he said, sitting in his office at the end of a day, brooms and rakes scraping the sidewalk outside. "But I don't believe people are always equal. I'm sorry to say it, but the Roma in general are less intelligent."

He let his statement linger; he didn't retract it.
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The eternal students
Greece is once again in the midst of a nationwide strike as all major Greek unions are showing solidarity and support to university students who are opposing a much-needed and much-delayed education reform bill. So, as usual, when university students are unhappy about something or other, the rest of the country has to pay the price: buses, taxis, banks, courts and hospitals become off-limits to all Greeks.
Among the proposed changes in the bill, is the eradication of so-called "eternal students" from state-run universities with the introduction of fixed time periods during which students can gain a degree. Until now, students could pursue a degree for an indefinite period, with many taking more than a decade to complete their degree.
Many male students stay in university indefinitely in order to avoid the military draft and their avoidance of their military duty keeps other students from attending university since there's a limited number of admissions each year. You'd think that people would be happy by the creation of more learning institutions but only public universities are recognized in Greece and the students are opposing the government's decision to create private universities because private universities would "devalue state degrees and commercialize education".

God forbid we should get a "commercialized" education that might actually get us a good-paying job, then what would we have to strike about?
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La Resistance en France
Children of illegal immigrants to France who are born there do not receive automatic citizenship or the right to stay in France. In July, when this academic year ends, about 25,000 illegal immigrants are scheduled to be deported and the French government is offering payments to all illegal immigrants who agree to return to their home countries. But why would they offer to leave when French activists are offering to hide them from the authorities?
If authorities try to send 7-year-old illegal immigrant Ikram Belhout back to Algeria, they'll have to get through Francine Le Cadre first. The 73-year-old retired social worker is among a swelling corps of volunteers resisting government efforts to step up deportations of immigrant families with children — including by hiding illegals from police if needed.

"This is resistance," said Le Cadre, recalling how her father had been deported to Germany in World War II. "Sometimes you have to do illegal things against the decisions your country takes."
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The future of Europe
Even though the majority of French identify themselves as Catholics, only about 5 percent go to church regularly and 60 percent say they practically never go to church. Islam is the fastest growing religion in France but the majority of French Muslims describe themselves as secular, and according to one survey, 64 percent said they did not practice Islam. So, will Europe be Islamic by the end of the century as some experts predict or is secularism the future of Europe?
Princeton University historian Bernard Lewis, the dean of American Middle East scholars, flatly predicts that Europe will be Islamic by the end of this century "at the very latest."

George Weigel, a leading American theologian, frets about "a Europe in which the muezzin summons the faithful to prayer from the central loggia of St. Peter's in Rome, while Notre Dame has been transformed into Hagia Sophia on the Seine--a great Christian church become an Islamic museum."

Lewis and Weigel represent a trend among American thinkers who say they fear Europe's doom if it does not re-Christianize, and soon. Most European experts believe those fears are exaggerated.
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An interview with Melanie Phillips
The Guardian's Jackie Ashley meets Melanie Phillips to discuss her new book: The multicultural menace, anti-semitism and me. Ms Ashley's patronising tone in this article got on my nerves pretty quickly, I can see why Ms Philips emailed the Guardian editor as soon as the interview was over.
At this point, armed with her book underlined and turned down, page by page, I want to say: "Blimey, Mel" and, "Relax, old thing" and, "You may, just possibly, be going a little over the top." In fact, in a cheery way, I suggest that some of this may sound a bit "bonkers". This really sets her off.
That would set me off too, being called "bonkers" by someone who is blind to the reality of Europe today.
Throughout the book there are shards of evidence and penetrating questions that deserve to be at the centre of political debate. Did the security services in the 80s and 90s take a naive and complacent view of the growth of extreme Islamist cells run from London by political exiles, thinking that they wouldn't bite the hand that fed them? Have we got the right balance between protecting and promoting the rights and languages of minorities on the one hand, and the safety and culture of the majority on the other? Is the left overinfluenced by the Palestinian question, and too ready to close its eyes to the brutal realities of extreme Islamist thinking and practice?
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Hamas and Iran are not that bad
My head is spinning:
In regard to the newly elected Hamas government "Fully 71% of Germans and 69% of the French feel the Hamas triumph will be bad for the Palestinian people, among those who are aware of the issue." In the U.S its 50%, "although just 20% think the Hamas triumph will be a good thing for the Palestinians." The British are divided in relation to Hamas: "34% say it will be bad, while 32% take a positive view." By contrast, "large majorities in Pakistan (87%), Egypt (76%), Jordan (68%), and Indonesia (61%) feel that the Hamas Party victory will be good for the Palestinian people."
How can anyone think that terrorists are good for the people? How do the Brits justify this in their heads? Europeans learned to loooove Israel, sort of
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Dutch tolerance
Nearly a quarter of employers in the Netherlands would prefer not to hire people from non-Western minority groups: Bias felt in the Netherlands. Do the Dutch have affirmative action programs?
Thousands of people in the Netherlands believe they were rejected for jobs, turned away from night clubs or subjected to verbal and physical abuse last year because of the color of their skin, their race or religion, according to a report released Wednesday.

The government-commissioned report estimated that up to 475,000 people - almost half of the Netherlands' residents of non-Western origin - felt they suffered from discrimination. People of Turkish and Moroccan descent felt the most discriminated against, followed by those whose families come from former Dutch colonies of the Netherlands Antilles and Suriname.
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Britain's knife amnesty...you have until June 30 to hand in your knives! Seriously
No joke. Up next: a registry for rocks and pebbles and stones. Especially those mean-looking "assault rocks".
In its latest and broadest attempt to get knives off the streets and especially out of the hands of young people, the government Thursday announced a nationwide knife amnesty program.

Police hope to collect 30,000 knives that will be turned in at police stations, churches, supermarkets and schools around the country. Home Secretary Charles Clark told the BBC a coinciding public-awareness campaign's message "is simple: Carrying knives on the streets will not be tolerated."

Stabbings are the most common form of murder in Britain, where firearms — except certain shotguns and sporting rifles — are outlawed. Most police officers in Britain do not carry firearms.

Of the 839 homicides in England and Wales in the 12 months ending Nov. 28 — the most recent period for which Home Office figures are available — 29% involved sharp instruments including knives, blades and swords. Firearms account for just 9% of murders in Britain. The murder rate in Britain is 15 per million people.

The U.S. murder rate is 55 per million, according to the FBI. Of those, 70% of murders were committed with firearms; just 14% involved knives or cutting instruments.

In London alone, there were 12,589 knife-related crimes last year. Police say the most likely people to carry knives are males ages 15 to 18.

A poll released this month by the Police Federation found that 30% of officers had been threatened by a knife-wielding suspect while on duty.

It is illegal for anyone under 16 to buy a knife, a fact that is posted anywhere knives are sold — from independent cutlery shops to department store housewares departments. The Home Office defines a knife as any article with a blade or a point. Folding pocket knives with blades less than 3 inches long are exempt from the May 24-June 30 amnesty and crackdown.

Carrying a blade in school is punishable by up to four years imprisonment, but that penalty is rarely handed out. Instead, most first-time offenders are expelled or receive other punishments that don't involve prison time, says the Victims Of Crime Trust, a support group for people whose family or friends have been murdered.
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Two Thirds of Dutch in Poll: Islam Incompatible With Modern Europe
Europeans beginning to wake up: Islam Incompatible with Europe, Say Dutch
(Angus Reid Global Scan) – Many adults in the Netherlands hold strong views on the way Muslims adapt to the European continent, according to a poll by Motivaction released by GPD. 63 per cent of respondents believe think Islam is incompatible with modern European life.
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What exactly is he threatening?
What does that even mean? Take what law into their own hands? It's not as if they're victims of any crime that calls for vigilante justice because the authorities are ignoring it. Are they "victims" of the police? Are they then going to take revenge on the police? MCB's Abdul Bari should be expelled from Britain for making threats against the government.
The British police were under pressure Tuesday to clear up the confusion over last week's massive anti-terror raid or risk seeing angry Muslims "take the law into their own hands," a Muslim community leader warned.

The Muslim Council of Britain's new leader Muhammed Abdul Bari said "trust could break down" if the police failed to explain why they launched last Friday's raid, which has turned up nothing of a reported chemical weapons plot.

Relaying the sentiment that he heard during a visit late Monday to the east London neighborhood which was raided, Abdul Bari said "the message is the confusion, it's the frustration and to some extent anger."

Police arrested Mohammed Abdul Kahar, 23, and his brother Abul Koyair, 20, during the raid on their home at dawn by 250 officers. Abdul Kahar, who was shot and wounded, and Koyair have vehemently denied involvement in terrorism.

"People want to know what exactly happened and about the intelligence - is it genuine information, is it flawed - these are the questions police have to answer as soon as possible," Abdul Bari said.

"Trust could break down if things are not clarified," said Abdul Bari, the secretary general of Britain's largest Muslim organization.

"Angry people can do anything, angry people can even feel that they should take the law into their own hands, so anger has to be directed into positive action," he warned.
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An act of inclusion
Flemming Rose, the culture editor of Jyllands-Posten, explains why he published the Muhammad cartoons and how Europe could learn a lesson from the United States when it comes to the assimilation of immigrants.
While it can be argued that the fast-growing community of about 20 million Muslim immigrants in Europe is the equivalent of America's new Hispanic immigrants, the difference in their productivity and prosperity is staggering. An Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development study in 1999 showed that while immigrants in the United States are almost equal to native-born workers as taxpayers and contributors to American prosperity, in Denmark there is a glaring gap of 41 percent between the contributions of the native-born and of the immigrants. In the United States, a laid-off worker gets an average of 32 percent compensation for his former wages in welfare services; in Denmark the figure is 81 percent. A culture of welfare dependency is rife among immigrants, and it is taken for granted.
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Illegal aliens, elsewhere
So, while we're debating whether to give American citizenship to a few million illegal immigrants, let's take a look at how illegal immigrants are treated in a European nation: Migrants’ detention camps.
The eastern borders of Greece, which are also the exterior borders of the European Union, are almost redrawn by detention camps. These camps are usually former warehouses (on the islands of Mitilini, Chios, Samos, Kos, Rhodos, Evia and in the town of Volos, central Greece). Moreover, police stations in most areas near the borders, as well as in the centre of Athens (Alexandras Avenue, Exarchia, Omonia, Piraeus), are used as detention centres for migrants.
According to the existing legal framework in Greece, those who cross the borders and get arrested can be detained for up to three months, until it is cleared whether they can be deported or not. The most common practice, though, is totally illegal deportation. At the marine borders re-propulsion is coordinated by the Port Police Corps, who "push" the boats back to Turkey, while in the area of Evros "illegals" are kept for one or two days, anonymously, without identification, and then are sent by boats, over the river Evros, back to Turkey.

The prefecture of Evros, the only land border between Greece and Turkey (divided by a river) is a special case. It is perhaps one of the most frequented passages for migrants, it has over ten detention camps (almost as many as in all the rest of the country), and is the only area of Greece which is still layed with mines. However, the almost complete indifference of the inhabitants about these maters and the absence of local support/solidarity groups make the area into a "black hole", both in public as well as anti-racist/ migrants’ discourses.

In the eight large towns of the area where there are border patrol/defense centers, there are also detention centers for migrants, while at the same time, detention facilities have also been set up in four old agricultural co-op warehouses which were alloted to the prefecture. Four more detention camps exist in the neighbouring prefecture of Rodopi. Finally, a new camp is being built in the village of Filakio, to accommodate at least 1000 people. While its role is still largely undetermined, we assume it will serve the purpose of removing economic and political refugees from urban centers in order to deter any possible communication between the refugees and organisations who could offer basic protection.

Evros is a war-zone: army, border-police, police, detention camps for migrants, border surveillance with technologically advanced means, but also dead and wounded, either in the river or on the minefields. Based on data that has been published, which most certainly diverge from the real numbers, at the greek borders, between 2002 and 2005, 231 people have been killed, 33 have been injured and 39 are missing.
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The Charity, Freedom and Diversity Party
Dutch pedophiles are launching a political party, pushing for the legalization of child pornography, child molestation and sex with animals.
The party wants private possession of child pornography to be allowed although it supports the ban on the trade of such materials. It also supports allowing pornography to be broadcast on daytime television, with only violent pornography limited to the late evening.

Toddlers should be given sex education and youths aged 16 and up should be allowed to appear in pornographic films and prostitute themselves. Sex with animals should be allowed although abuse of animals should remain illegal, the NVD said.

The party also said everybody should be allowed to go naked in public and promotes legalizing all soft and hard drugs and free train travel for all.
The free train travel is not a bad idea...
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Germany's Stupid Idea
New Idea in Nuclear Standoff: Let Iran Enrich Uranium?
The carrots are getting juicier and the sticks are getting bigger, but with Europe set to offer up a new proposal on Wednesday aimed at persuading Iran to abandon its uranium enrichment program, chances for a major breakthrough in the standoff with Iran seem as far off as ever. Even as pressure against Iran mounts, the country continues to insist on its right to nuclear research for civilian purposes.

Indeed, Tehran's stubbornness may be leading Germany -- which, along with permanent United Nations Security Council members France and Britain, has been heavily involved in negotiations with Iran -- to rethink its strategy. According to Der Spiegel, Berlin is arguing for a more realistic approach to Iran: One that would provide international recognition for the current state of Iranian nuclear research -- including the country's ability to enrich uranium -- under the condition that the international community would have full access to observe the enrichment process.

One can't realistically expect Tehran to shut down its facilities, a German government spokesman said late last week. One has to make a "realistic offer that takes into account the country's pride."
Oh, yes, God forbid the pride of brutal, genocidal, terrorist dictators should be wounded. What really gets me is that countries like Germany treat with Iran as though the Iranians were serious and honest interlocutors, and do not treat them like they have shown they deserve to be treated: savage, barbaric Nazis with a terrifying bloodlust and a frightening ambition to eradicate a nation and dominate their region by violence and chaos.
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Bush Admin in Free SDI to Euros Proposal
Why is the Bush administration moving to lessen Europeans' exposure to the menace of Iran? So they can continue making lucrative trade deals with them, with even less fear than they had before? Today's theme is: we are morons.
WASHINGTON, May 21 — The Bush administration is moving to establish a new antimissile site in Europe that would be designed to stop attacks by Iran against the United States and its European allies.

The administration's proposal, which comes amid rising concerns about Iran's suspected program to develop nuclear weapons, calls for installing 10 antimissile interceptors at a European site by 2011. Poland and the Czech Republic are among the nations under consideration.

A recommendation on a European site is expected to be made this summer to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, Pentagon officials say. The Pentagon has asked Congress for $56 million to begin initial work on the long-envisioned antimissile site, a request that has run into some opposition in Congress. The final cost, including the interceptors themselves, is estimated at $1.6 billion.

The establishment of an antimissile base in Eastern Europe would have enormous political implications. The deployment of interceptors in Poland, for example, would create the first permanent American military presence on that nation's soil and further solidify the close ties between the defense establishments of the two nations.

While the plan has been described in Congressional testimony and in published reports, it has received relatively little attention in the United States. But it is a subject of lively discussion in Poland and has also prompted Russian charges that Washington's hidden agenda is to expand the American presence in the former Warsaw Pact nation.
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MI5 infiltrated by Al Qaeda
I think it's totally clear at this point that the Anglosphere's intelligence agencies, be they American or British, are total fucking morons.
TERRORISTS from al-Qaeda have infiltrated Britain's security services, the Sunday Mirror can reveal.

Bosses at M15 believe they unwittingly recruited the Muslim extremists after the July 7 suicide bombings in London last year which killed 52 people.

They were signed up as part of a drive to find more Muslims and Arabic speakers to work as spies to help prevent future attacks by Osama bin Laden fantatics.

Spymasters found some of the agents in Britain's universities and colleges and persuaded them to pass on information about suspected terrorists.

But a senior ministerial source has told the Sunday Mirror: "The truth is that it has now been discovered that some of those people have strong links with al-Qaeda.

"There was always a risk that with such a speedy and widespread recruitment some would turn out to be bad eggs.
No! Really? No!
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Such compassionate people
Political opponents of Ayaan Hirsi Ali want her expelled from parliament, stripped of her Dutch citizenship, and deported, because she lied on her refugee application in order to gain asylum in Holland. If these demands were directed at any other politicians, I might have expressed some agreement or support, but in Ms. Ali's case, with her life under constant threat, these demands are absolutely heartless and shameful. Not to mention that she came clean about all this two years ago. Critics Want Dutch Lawmaker Deported.
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The Chechen Network
Although almost all of France’s terrorism suspects are either French-born or immigrants from North African, Judge Jean-Louis Bruguière, France's leading terrorism investigator suggests that the most serious threat to France comes from the Chechen Network, a shadowy group which security services uncovered while investigating Islamists' efforts to recruit French nationals for the war in Chechnya. But is there really a Chechen Network?
The term “Chechen” figures in almost every reference to the current case. Judge Bruguière and others speak of “the Chechen Network,” while their detractors refer to it as “the Chechen Trace.” Judge Bruguière claims that Chechnya serves as the main training base for Islamist militants, having replaced Afghanistan in this regard. Bruguière describes the “Caucasian problem” as “a true international problem because the majority of the Chechen cause has been hijacked by al-Qaida” (AP, 9 December 2004).

According to the judge, Chechnya serves as “an aircraft carrier” for Islamists “to continue the fight against the West” (CNN, 13 May 2003). At times Bruguière ascribes to the Chechen rebels powers worthy of a James Bond villain; in 2004 he told the New Yorker magazine that Chechens were training Islamists how to hijack satellites, enabling them to shut down communications, power grids and Western defense networks (New Yorker, 2 August 2004).

Judge Bruguière’s emphasis on the Chechen aspect of the current trial has filtered down to the media. An Associated Press headline announced “Chechen Rebel Trial Opens in Paris” (21 March 2006), even though not a single Chechen is among the accused. Olivier Dupuis, an outspoken member of the European Parliament, has questioned Judge Bruguière’s continued use of the term “Chechen network” in a case involving only EU citizens. The MP asks whether such “false information” might be “responsible for the growth among EU citizens of feelings of racial hatred, intolerance or even violence towards Chechen refugees living in member countries”.
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'Protecting the family' in Poland
Since the League of Polish Families joined the coalition government last week, gay and lesbian people in Poland will be facing quite a battle ahead of them. Marchers who joined the annual gay and lesbian parade in Krakow were attacked by members of the Catholic Mlodziez Wszechpolska youth group who think that "violence is bad but there is no way you can protest against this abnormality without violence." Prejudice forms a new line between east and west.
Mr Marcinkiewicz summed up the thinking in the coalition's main Law and Justice party when he told the Polish edition of Newsweek: "If [a] person tries to infect others with their homosexuality, the state must intervene in this violation of freedom."

The assumption that gay people want to spread a diseased lifestyle encourages Catholic groups who have long targeted homosexuality. Thousands of headteachers have received a 29-page booklet from the fundamentalist Piotr Skarga Catholic association, named after a 16th-century Polish Jesuit, which issues instructions on how to ensure youngsters do not become gay. Entitled Taboos about Homosexuality, the pamphlet uses graphic language to scare young people . "Around 75% of homosexuals admit they put their tongue into their partner's anus which means they eat lots of faeces," the booklet tells teachers. "Homosexuals crawling in faeces and eating it suffer bad health."

The booklet attempts to depict gay people as blood suckers. In a section on oral sex, it says: "Sperm has bacteria which is transferred from blood. So homosexuals almost drink blood."
I take it straight people in Poland do not have oral sex.
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Beeb Hates Murrica
What the hell does this picture:

The US is leading efforts to curtail Iran's nuclear programme

...have to do with this story?
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Who speaks for the Roma?
The single reparations program devoted to Roma Holocaust survivors ran out of funds this month, leaving tens of thousands of old people destitute and vulnerable to die from starvation and cold.
The plight of Romani survivors has received much less attention than that of Jewish Holocaust survivors, in part because of the lack of organization among disparate Romani communities. One clear indication of the lack of coordination is that before the IOM program began in 2001, there was no reliable estimate as to how many Romani survivors were alive. An IOM census at the time estimated that there were 45,000 survivors. After four years in the field, the group now estimates that there are 144,000 needy Romani survivors, of which 70,000 were served through the recent program. There are an estimated 125,000 Jewish survivors being helped by similar reparation programs in the former Soviet Union.

The $34 million that went to the Romani survivors is a tiny fraction of more than $60 billion that European governments and business have designated for Holocaust restitution and reparations since World War II. The largest chunk of the money — some $17 billion — was given by Germany to the Israeli government. No parallel payment was made to the Romani, largely because they remained a stateless people after the war.

Romani survivors have been eligible to apply for certain restitution programs, like slave and forced labor funds. But the Romani have had no steady advocates or guides similar to the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, which advertises and processes most Holocaust-era programs for Jewish survivors.
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Unemployed, middle-age cardiologist, living with his parents, seeks opportunity for better future
The overall unemployment rate in Greece is about 9.6 percent but the unemployment rate among people 25 and younger is around 26 percent, much higher than the EU average of 18.5 percent: youth unemployment in Europe is especially confounding in Greece. Apparently the American habit of kicking the kids out when they reach the ripe old age of 18 is not such a bad idea after all, maybe Greeks ought to try it.
Koutsiaras cites the strength of the Greek family as one of the country's major problems. The family network is so strong, he said, that young unemployed people don't feel desperate to retrain, relocate or reinvent themselves. They're supported by their families and content to wait for jobs.
Why couldn't my family be a little more Greek?
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German Germanophobia
There's something creepy about Germans' unwillingness to be patriotic. It seems like rubbing their sordid history in; it seems self-indulgent and somehow decadent. I want to shake a modern German and point out that, hey, you didn't launch World War II. Worst, it makes it clear that Germany seems to have collectively learned the wrong lesson from their mistake. It's not love of country that's at fault here, people. It's genocide. It's the lust for war and world conquest for its own sake. It's the elevation of will over morality. It's the abandonment of human compassion.

Go ahead and love your counry, you dorks. That wasn't what you did wrong! When you pretend that loving your country and your people was the problem, you just provoke free thinkers into thinking "this is inane. There's nothing wrong with loving my country, any more than there's anything wrong with loving my mother and father." You end up with neo-Nazis running around heiling and goose-stepping, while real Germans are aghast to see their own flag.

It's almost as though Berlin was following a capital city checklist when the city was revived as Germany's political hub in the late 1990s. Dramatic government quarter complete with flashy architecture? Check. Headquarters of major think tanks and foundations? Check. National monuments? Check. Lots of flags? Ummmm. Wait a sec. Flags? Somebody forgot the flags.

Berlin is an odd world capital: Whereas cities like Washington, London and Lisbon relish in a little flag-flying patriotism, Berlin shies away from the black, red and gold tricolor. Sure you'll find it on the four corners of the parliament building. But elsewhere? Forget about it. Almost no German corporation flies a flag outside its headquarters, like British banks in The City do. And flags in front lawns Long Island style? No way.

Across the rest of Germany, it's the same story. National pride, especially when it comes to publicly displaying a love, or even a mild affinity, for Germany is still simply taboo. When Horst K�hler left a plum job as head of the International Monetary Fund to become Germany's president -- mostly a ceremonial position -- in 2004, he said in his speech, "I love Germany." Reuters reported at the time that the sentence "sent a hush through the packed Reichstag chamber."

Which goes a long way toward explaining the dearth of the black-red-gold. Sixty-plus years after the end of World War II, German patriotism just ain't in the cards. Even the memorials the country builds these days are more anti-monuments. The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is just the most recent example.
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Sweden's enormous, hidden unemployment rate
How reliable is the official Swedish statistic that 5.4% of Swedes are unemployed? Every single day, one in every 20 employed Swedes is "out sick". That, as bizarre as it sounds, is just the tip of the iceberg: one of Sweden's leading leftist economists has broken through the blue line to tell the truth. True Swedish unemployment is in the range of an obscene 20-25%. So much for the Socialist paradise. Full employment is a pipe dream when you give people incentives not to work, and disincentives to work.
Estimating the true unemployment rate
Below is a calculation of true unemployment in Sweden. All figures are from the Swedish Statistical Agency (SCB) Labor survey, first quarter 2005, except the number of individuals only on welfare, which have been taken from Tax researcher Dane Nordlings homepage. The number on Sick Leave have been adjusted for the number of working hours.

Population 16-64 - -- - - 5.755.000

Not in labor force - - - - - - 1.365.000
Early retired - - - - - - - - - (494.000)
Seek work - - - - - - - - - - - (150.000)
Get Welfare - - - - - - - - - - (84.000)

Labor Force - - - - - - - - - 4.391.000
Unemployed (5.6 %) - - - - - (245.000)
unemply programs - - - - - (130.000)
Employed in Real job - - - - 4.016.000
Absent from work - - - - - - (554.000)
Of which on Sick leave- - - (216.000)

Actually work - - - - - - - 3.469.000
Some 4.0 million (70 percent of adult population) are in productive activity rate, while 1.2 million (20 percent of adult population) are living of welfare and Health or Unemployment insurance alone. The remaining 10 percent of adult population are supported by the state by other means (such as parents leave and absence from work due to care of sick children).

Range of estimate of true unemployment: 8.5%-26%
So how high is Swedish unemployment? The question hinges on who we include, and especially in Sweden’s case on how much of early retirement and sick leave is hidden unemployment. Even the Swedish government acknowledges that the 130.000 in “Labor market political programs” are simply unemployed, so we start from a low estimate of 8.5 percent unemployment.

For international comparisons we probably should not include the students and other’s who want to work but cannot find a job, since this category exists in all countries. This figure is however interesting for policy matter in Sweden. Also including welfare recipients we get 13.2 percent unemployment. A difficult question is what to do with all the absentees. If we include all of them we end up with 26 percent unemployment. Note that we are not including absentees for any other reasons than Sick Leave and are also excluding the underemployed.

Now this last figure is clearly too high. Many people who report sick are of course really too sick to work. This latter figure does however show us the range of the unemployment figure, and is probably closer to the actual number than 8.5 percent unemployment. An important question is how many who could go back to work if they did not have the option to stay home and live of government welfare. An international comparison might be interesting.

Sweden had some 26 dayslost per worker in 2002. In Canada, also a large welfare state, the corresponding figures (2004) were 7.5 daysper full time worker lost every year due to sick leave. Britain had a similar figure, 7.2 dayslost per worker and year in 2003.

Our best estimate of true unemployment figures in Sweden
A plausible estimate of how much of early retirement that is due to inability to work can be attained by using the rates of early retirement in Sweden in 1960. This is an exaggerated figure, since people are much healthier today and have less demanding jobs. Also, Sweden had a welfare state even back then. The sick leave that is due to inability to work can be estimated by using a figure slightly above that of Canada. Also this is an exaggerated figure, as Canada is also a welfare state.

By using these estimates and not counting the forced student, the underemployed or all other absentees, the Swedish unemployment rate would be 19.8 percent. This is fully 962.000 out of work of a workforce of 4.848.000.
Quote is selective; read the whole thing.
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Bulgaria's forgotten children
Bulgaria has the highest proportion of institutionalised children in Europe. Official numbers show 10,500 children are in institutions but charities say the real number is between 20,000 and 29,000. What's even sadder is that most of these children have only slight disabilities and most of these disabilities were caused by institutionalisation and lack of individual care.
Written off by their families, 51 mentally disabled children exist in Medven under the care of a single qualified nurse and a few unqualified supervisors.

Their home is bleak and unwelcoming. The cold floors reek of a disinfectant that masks the smell of unappetising food. Heavy silences are broken not by laughter but by the occasional anguished wail.

For the most severely disabled children — who suffer from cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome or heart disease — life is experienced only within the confines of a metal cot.

The cots are crammed side by side in small rooms with a paltry scattering of toys and no visual stimulation. The children are left to stare into space.

One little girl bangs her head repeatedly against the metal bars. Acen, 7, who has Down’s, jumps up excitedly, smiling and cheekily blowing raspberries as visitors enter the room.

The atmosphere is so oppressive that few outsiders venture into the Medven institution. That day’s shift nurse, Sister Kodinova, said only one or two families came regularly. “Most (of the children have parents but the conditions are so hard that they don’t visit,” she explained.
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A woman's life is cheap everywhere
If it's "inconceivable" that a woman raised and living in Germany can be killed by her brothers because she was living a "Western life", it's even more inconceivable that her killer was sentenced to only nine years in prison while his accomplices were acquitted. Shame on the court.
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Labour redefines sex as rape
Britain's ruling Labour party, reeling from their success in convicting less than one in a thousand real rapists, now wants to redefine a lot of normal sex as rape:
A school of 1970s and 80s feminism held that rape is a defining part of the relationship between men and women. Rape is at the back of every man's mind, apparently, an intrinsic part of his desires. Indeed, these feminists argued that penetration was in itself an act of male domination; sex was rape even if the woman thought she was consenting.

It appears that the Dworkinite school of feminism has wound up working at the UK Home Office. The assumptions - that all men are potentially rapists, that rape is part of everyday life, that all defendants in rape cases are guilty - now form the backbone of policy documents and legal reforms.

The government last week announced new measures to 'increase rape convictions'. Not to improve evidence gathering or social services, but to increase convictions, a demand that is normally restricted to totalitarian states. In the ensuing debate, everybody seemed to assume that nearly all defendants are guilty - they talked of 'rapist' and 'victim' not 'defendant' and 'witness' - and the question was simply how to lock more men up. Indeed, solicitor general Mike O'Brien claimed that only 'between three per cent and nine per cent of rape claims' were 'vexatious' (1). He didn't reveal how he knows this - surely the question of guilt is for the trial to decide?

The law has now taken something like Robin Morgan's view on board. The 2003 Sexual Offences Act makes consent 'active, not passive'; if a woman goes along with sex but doesn't give explicit active consent, it's rape. Official promotion campaigns in men's mags present rape as something that any man could stumble into on a drunken night out. Rape is presented as part of the everyday way men relate to women.
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Black is white and night is day
Jihad does not mean jihad, a suicide bomber who blows himself up in the name of Islam is not an Islamic terrorist, and Islam in itself means peace: EU lexicon to shun term "Islamic terrorism"
EU officials are working on what they call a "lexicon" for public communication on terrorism and Islam, designed to make clear that there is nothing in the religion to justify outrages like the September 11 attacks or the bombings of Madrid and London.

The lexicon would set down guidelines for EU officials and politicians.

"Certainly 'Islamic terrorism' is something we will not use ... we talk about 'terrorists who abusively invoke Islam'," an EU official told Reuters.

Other terms being considered by the review include "Islamist", "fundamentalist" and "jihad". The latter, for example, is often used by al Qaeda and some other groups to mean warfare against infidels, but for most Muslims indicates a spiritual struggle.
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NZ WWII Victoria Cross winner accused of war crimes
The ongoing suicide of Western civilization
A ruse that helped to win a soldier the Victoria Cross during the Second World War was a "war crime" and New Zealand should apologise to the families of the snipers he killed, it was claimed yesterday.

Alfred Clive Hulme, the father of Denny Hulme, the late world motor racing champion, was awarded the VC for bravery in killing 33 German snipers over eight days during the Battle of Crete in 1941. He returned home a hero to the town of Nelson.

But a new book by two military historians says that, in winning his VC, Sgt Hulme committed "acts of perfidy" under international law.

Lt Col Glyn Harper, a professor at the New Zealand army's Military Studies Institute, who co-authored the book, In the Face of the Enemy, said that on one occasion Sgt Hulme donned a German paratrooper's smock, climbed up behind a nest of enemy snipers, and pretended to be part of their group.

"He shot the leader first, and as the other four snipers looked around to see where the shot had come from, Hulme also turned his head as if searching for the shooter," the book says.

"Then he shot and killed two more." He shot the other two as they tried to leave.

"Hulme deserved the VC for his outstanding bravery, but he shouldn't have done what he did in disguising himself."

Other academics have supported the book's claims. Peter Wills, the deputy director of the Centre for Peace Studies at Auckland University, said Sgt Hulme's actions were "unsanctioned murder".

He told the Sunday Star-Times that the New Zealand government should apologise to the families of the Germans he killed. Bill Hodge, associate professor of law at Auckland University, said killing enemy soldiers while wearing their uniform was "prima facie a war crime".

Sgt Hulme died in 1982. His daughter, Anita, said accusing him of war crimes was "a terrible thing to bring up".

His VC is on display in the army's national museum at its headquarters in Waiouru.
How utterly absurd and petty. Schmucks.

This tells you exactly what "international law" is worth. Our heroes are criminals, and Nazi snipers are victims.
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Internet blamed, Al Qaeda exonerated in 7/7 attacks
I'm often to be found complaining that US officials declare that "it wasn't terrorism" moments after terrorist attacks in the US, but this really takes the cake! UK authorities are saying that Al Qaeda had nothing to do with the 7/7 suicide bombings. It was just some enterprising All-English laddies who just happened to go to Pakistan, who just happened to appear in videotapes with Ayman al Zawahiri.
The official inquiry into the 7 July London bombings will say the attack was planned on a shoestring budget from information on the internet, that there was no 'fifth-bomber' and no direct support from al-Qaeda, although two of the bombers had visited Pakistan.

The first forensic account of the atrocity that claimed the lives of 52 people, which will be published in the next few weeks, will say that attacks were the product of a 'simple and inexpensive' plot hatched by four British suicide bombers bent on martyrdom.

Far from being the work of an international terror network, as originally suspected, the attack was carried out by four men who had scoured terror sites on the internet. Their knapsack bombs cost only a few hundred pounds, according to the first completed draft of the government's definitive report into the blasts.

The Home Office account, compiled by a senior civil servant at the behest of Home Secretary Charles Clarke, also discounts the existence of a fifth bomber. After the bombings, police found an unused rucksack of explosives in the bombers' abandoned car at Luton station, which led to a manhunt for a missing suspect. Similarly, it found nothing to support the theory that an al-Qaeda fixer, presumed to be from Pakistan, was instrumental in planning the attacks.

A Whitehall source said: 'The London attacks were a modest, simple affair by four seemingly normal men using the internet.'

Confirmation of the nature of the attacks will raise fresh concerns over the vulnerability of Britain to an attack by small, unsophisticated groups. A fortnight after 7 July, an unconnected group of four tried to duplicate the attack, but their devices failed to detonate.

However, the findings will draw criticism for failing to address concerns as to why no action was taken against the bombers despite the fact that one of them, Mohammed Siddique Khan, was identified by intelligence officers months before the attack. A report into the attack by the Commons intelligence and security committee, which could be published alongside the official narrative, will question why MI5 called off surveillance of the ringleader of the 7 July bombings.

Patrick Mercer, shadow homeland security spokesman, said the official narrative's findings would only lead to calls for an independent inquiry to answer further questions surrounding 7 July.

He said: 'A series of reports such as this narrative simply does not answer questions such as the reduced terror alert before the attack, the apparent involvement of al-Qaeda and links to earlier or later terrorist plots.'

The official Home Office report into the attacks does, however, decide that the four suicide bombers - Siddique Khan, Hasib Hussain, Shehzad Tanweer and Jermaine Lindsay - were partly inspired by Khan's trips to Pakistan, though the meeting between the four men and known militants in Pakistan is seen as ideological, rather than fact-finding.

A videotape of Mohammed Siddique Khan released after the attacks also featured footage of Osama bin Laden's deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri. The Home Office believes the tape was edited after the suicide attacks and dismisses it as evidence of al-Qaeda's involvement in the attack.

Khan is confirmed as ringleader of the attacks, though the Yorkshire-born bomber's apparent links to other suspected terrorists are not discussed for legal reasons.
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An accidental murder
Jamal Derrar, the guy who burned Sohane Benziane alive in a housing project near Paris, was not convicted of murder, he was convicted of "acts of torture or barbarity that led to unintentional death". So when he poured the gasoline all over the 17-year-old girl and then set her on fire with a lighter, he apparently didn't mean to kill her, it was an accident. When his friend locked the door while Sohane was screaming as she was burning to death, that was an accident too. When Jamal bought the gasoline the day before and informed his friends and the neighbourhood that he was going to "torch" Sohane, he didn't really mean it, his intentions were good. And anyway, girls need a little torching now and then to keep them in line.

Jamal got 25 years in prison and his accomplice got 8 years. Their supporters (yes, they have supporters) wept and called the sentences "too heavy."
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guest author: Mauro
A long and hard look
Time to tell each-other some truths.
If “they” are horrible, we are abysmal.
Which does not mean we are that guilty that we have no moral ground to retry. We must bang on and on. Two, twelve, or twohundredandfiftyfour mistakes still don’t make 1 right.
But guilty we are, let’s have a hard look.

What have we done for the Arabs/Muslims?
Before we go any further have a read of this and tell me, honestly, if that is not (shall we say) “semi-partially-probably-occasionally-true”?

You what? Let’s be brutally sincere; at least with ourselves. It’s about money. Oil. Its derivatives.
If it ever were about Democracy, we’d have stipulated little hang-ups in our contracts regarding the way the huge revenue was spent.
If it were about Democracy, we’d have a Western Cartel to command a buying price and not an OPEC to command a ransom.
If it were Democracy, aid would be tied to reforms but instead is used to appease a ruling class who, in turn, keep their populace hungry to pressurize us into ever paying more. Democracy is expensive; you have to go through stuff and that. It takes years. It can be bloody. Big business wants the buck now, not in 30 years, dear.

Stop being naive now. If it was about Freedom, why do we pay corrupt regimes (Egypt anybody?) to plod along or ignore and trade with them to make the money? If it was about Freedom, why is Mc Donald, Coca-Cola, Gucci, Ferrari, enterprises that can only culturally thrive in free countries, selling expensive bags and cheap burgers even in little dictatorships like little Tunisia? (forget reigns of terror like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria etc)
Freedom to buy from us is about the only freedom we are interested in and that is why their markets are a lot more open than their societies.

What we really gave them is Capital-tribalism.
This strange texture of Capitalism at its worst and Tribalism at its normal which gives us a society where culturally semi-illiterate people, mortally hostile to change and modernity, have access to most modern technologies and life-styles.
Hence the Mullah and the mobile phone, the Imam and the Internet, Ali Jihad and Ipod, Hamas and government, in a Mc Donald in Saudi drinking a coke well separated by women dressed like permanent mourning, breeding creatures raised in a poisoned, isolated environment.
And what do we do instead of insisting in schoolbooks?
We sell them Barbie dolls.

We have failed ourselves long before and after they failed us.

Our civilisation is so more advanced that eventually we will succeed anyway. It would be anti-historic, against the natural progress of humanity and thereby impossible for “them” to win. (worst case scenario, we nuke each-other, we both lose) (shut it M-Max, give it a rest)

But our mistakes, our continued indecision, our ill-hidden greed, is costing blood and it’s hurting.
It’s hurting our finest of youth who perishes in a faraway, ungrateful land and it’s hurting the innocent blown away by a blast in a mosque, a train, a bus, a wedding or a disco.

Yes they’ve had corruption forever, yes they’ve always been completely oblivious to any notion of freedom, yes they’re still culturally semi-primitive and drowning in analphabetism as they were 1000 years ago and yes they are very resistant to change for the better…….but what they did not have before is someone there to talk freedom and instead do a lot of business and sponsor financially the very people that oppresses them. What they did not have before is a role model (our societies to emigrate into) that kept their oppressors going.

If we are not serious about Freedom, how could they be?
It’s not the dog that teaches the trainer the tricks…
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Germany grapples with the Umma
There's that notable Islamic respect for learning again!
BERLIN - Violence at a Berlin school dominated by Arab and Turkish youths and the nearby slaying of police officer, shot in the head while trying to arrest muggers, has fuelled alarm that troubled parts of the German capital are lurching out of control.

Police have now been brought in to help control the situation at the Ruetli school in the immigrant-dominated Neukoelln district, with six officers checking students for weapons.

Teachers at the school published a letter this week widely interpreted as saying conditions at their school had become so bad that it should be closed down.

The letter said teachers had lost all authority and were now so afraid that they only entered classrooms with a mobile phone so they could call for help in an emergency.

"The mood ... is dominated by aggression, lack of respect and ignorance," said the letter, adding: "We have reached a dead end and there is no way to turn around."

When reporters went to school on Thursday they were pelted with paving stones by masked youths from the schoolyard as the district's mayor stood helplessly at the entrance of the building.

"While sheer chaos dominated behind him, the mayor talked about the failures of the 1968 generation," jeered the Berliner Kurier newspaper.

Teachers complain that over 83 per cent of the 224 children attending the school are foreigners. The biggest group, 35 per cent, are Arab children mainly from Lebanon and the Palestinian territories.

Turks, with 26 per cent, comprise the second largest group at the school.

Germany has about 7.3 million foreigners or 9 per cent of the total population.

A problem in German schools is that especially Arab male students often refuse to respect the authority of women teachers, education sources told Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

Peter Struck, education specialist at the University of Hamburg, was blunt about problems posed by foreign students in German schools which separate children headed for university and those who are not, who get dumped in less-competitive "Hauptschulen."

"It is often Hauptschulen which are hit with difficulties because they have a concentration of problem students and high number of foreigners which means that the boys are often being raised in a home environment which glorifies violence," said Struck in an NDR radio interview.

Students at the Ruetli Hauptschule were not shy about expressing their views to reporters.

"The German (students) brown nose us, pay for things for us and stuff like that, so that we don't smash in their faces," said a foreign student from the school as quoted by the Berliner Kurier.
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Brits want to ban toy guns
Tony Blair's Labour is taking its gun-grabbing ways to their farcical logical conclusion, seeking to ban the ownership of toy guns, as well as shotguns:
the British government this year has been debating whether to ban toy guns. As a middle course, some unspecified number of imitation guns will be banned, and it will be illegal to take imitation guns into public places.

And in July a new debate erupted over whether those who own shotguns must now justify their continued ownership to the government before they will get a license.

The irony is that after gun laws are passed and crime rises, no one asks whether the original laws actually accomplished their purpose. Instead, it is automatically assumed that the only "problem" with past laws was they didn't go far enough. But now what is there left to do? Perhaps the country can follow Australia's recent lead and ban ceremonial swords.

Despite the attention that imitation weapons are getting, they account for a miniscule fraction of all violent crime (0.02%) and in recent years only about 6% of firearms offenses. But with crime so serious, Labor needs to be seen as doing something. The government recently reported that gun crime in England and Wales nearly doubled in the four years from 1998–99 to 2002–03.

Crime was not supposed to rise after handguns were banned in 1997. Yet, since 1996 the serious violent crime rate has soared by 69%: robbery is up by 45% and murders up by 54%. Before the law, armed robberies had fallen by 50% from 1993 to 1997, but as soon as handguns were banned the robbery rate shot back up, almost back to their 1993 levels.

The 2000 International Crime Victimization Survey, the last survey done, shows the violent-crime rate in England and Wales was twice the rate in the U.S. When the new survey for 2004 comes out, that gap will undoubtedly have widened even further as crimes reported to British police have since soared by 35%, while declining 6% in the U.S.
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France, the land of universal tenure
Allister Heath has written an excellent article, asking whether France is ungovernable. Well, is France ungovernable? It's certainly unemployable-given the excesses of irresponsibility that tenured academics in the US exhibit, how can any rational businessman want to hire more French people? The entire damn country has tenure!
Going hand in hand with a bloated government and an oppressive tax burden is an execessive amount of red tape, especially in the labour market, as well as very high non-wage costs and social security contributions that employers must pay. These and other hidden taxes on jobs are the main reason why only 34% of those over the age of 55 work (against an average of 50% for countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) and among those aged from 16 to 25, only 26.4% are in work. France’s 2,501-page Code du Travail, the country’s labour market regulations, is a hideous document which makes it is so hard to fire workers that companies are extremely reluctant to offer permanent contracts. The standard rules for French workers stipulate that employees can be sacked only if employers are able to prove a “serious” fault or that they are in crisis. Two out of three cases for unfair dismisal in France end up with the plaintiff winning in or out of court.

In France’s deeply distorted and dysfunctional labour market, those with jobs form two tribes. The lucky ones have government-specified “contrat à durée indéterminée” (CDI) contracts, with full job protection, generous benefits and retirement packages. But the difficulty of ending CDIs have encouraged companies that do need more staff to hire most of them on short-term “contrat à durée déterminée” (CDD) contracts, creating a growing army of people who have work, but fear they may soon lose it. This is a central reason for France’s obsession with “insecurity”; paradoxically, because of misguided government intervention, many jobs in France are actually less secure than in the US or UK, where most people who want them have permanent contracts.
How can this bizarre system survive continued contact with reality? Heath's is a long piece, but well worth reading. More:
France’s best and brightest have already decided that there is only one viable solution: to leave the country and find a job in a more rational economy. From 1991 to 2002, the number of French workers living in other parts of western Europe jumped 47%, to 563,977 from 382,708, according to Insee, the French national statistics agency. About 20,000 went to Ireland over that decade. The number leaving for Britain more than doubled, to 85,823, including this writer. French expatriates in the United States increased 44% to 88,287. But these figures, the latest available, miss out the huge outflow of the past three years.
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It's okay to kill Jews, we don't mind
According to Goran Lambertz, Swedish Chancellor of Justice, calling for jihad to kill Jews and referring to Jews as "brothers of apes and pigs" is perfectly legal and not incitement to hatred against an ethnic group because of "the current conflict in the Middle East". So calls to kill Jews are not a crime in Sweden and they're even excused because, obviously, if Israel didn't exist no one would be calling Jews apes and pigs or try to kill them. Right?

“The radical reinterpretation of incitement against Jews by the Chancellor of Justice in Sweden.”

Meanwhile, as Jewish communities in Sweden spend 25% of their budget in security, the Stockholm chief of police wants to remove the cement security blocks in front of the great Synagogue of Stockholm.
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Tommaso Onofri, the Italian baby who was kidnapped a month ago, was found dead on Saturday, after the kidnappers confessed to hitting him in the face with a shovel to stop his crying. The kidnappers had hoped to demand about $1.2 million in ransom from Tommaso's father who's not a rich person but is in charge of the local post office where many people keep their savings accounts.

There are kidnappings in the States but the cases we hear about usually involve children who are later found sexually abused and murdered. Kidnappings for ransom in the U.S. don't seem to happen as often as they do in Latin America and Italy, both "Meccas of kidnapping", which is strange because one would think that in a rich country like the U.S. these kinds of abductions would occur more often. There were a great number of kidnappings in the 1930s but between 1934 and 1974, of the 647 cases of kidnapping in the U.S., all but three had been solved, and over 90 per cent of the kidnappers had been captured. Is this high success rate a factor in deterring kidnappings perhaps?

I read a very moving book about a kidnapping in Italy, Niccolo Ammaniti's I'm not scared.
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Digging up the dead
One of the most barbaric customs in Greece is the exhumation of the dead. The Greek church does not allow cremation for Orthodox Christians because burning the body conflicts with teachings on the resurrection and since most urban cemeteries are full, burial plots are rented out.

A permanent grave in an Athens cemetery costs around €150,000 ($179,000), a sum equivalent to the price of two houses. In this city of five million people, there are only 20,000 burial plots available, in three cemeteries. Some people are lucky enough to have a permanent grave in their home town or village, but most Greeks in the urban areas have to rent one for a a period of three years. After that time, the body is exhumed - even though it's not completely decomposed in most cases - and the remains are stored in the ossuary.

The family of the dead must be present at the exhumation, by law, to witness a process that leaves many scarred for life.
Greeks are among the European Union's most religious citizens. More than 80 percent of Greeks say they believe in God compared with an average of 16 percent in the 25-nation European Union, according to a June 2005 Eurobarometer poll.
``Burial is part of our tradition, of who we are as people,'' said Helen Hatziladas, a 29-year-old Athens office manager. ``When you go back after three years and the flesh is a little gone from your bones, it says something: you've been a good Christian.''
So that's how we can tell who's been a good Christian! I was wondering...
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10 Euros For The Resistance
The Euroleft is sick!
March 21, 2006 — Posters showing an American soldier with blood spurting out of his head are being used by Iraqi insurgents to raise money in Europe.

The campaign is called "10 Euros for Resistance." That's about $12, and people in Italy and the Netherlands seem to be chipping in, according to Rep. Sue Kelly, R-N.Y.

"Ten euros for resistance, and people who are giving the money don't care if it buys weapons. It's all for the resistance," Kelly said.

Kelly says that the European countries where the campaign has been launched, as well as some in the Mideast, have done little to stop the fundraising.

"It makes me very angry that our supposed allies would be helping and not stop something like this Web site, '10 Euros for the Resistance.' It's wrong," she said.

The cash is moved to Iraq through Syria, helping the insurgents stay on the move, resupply and prepare new attacks on American soldiers, Kelly said.
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guest author: Mauro
Rantings of the last man in the queue
I want a strong man.

Is it about money?
Tell me. Let me know. Tell me if it is and we’ll all know and behave accordingly. I might actually sell my soul for a bit of dosh too, you know? Wanna a slice of my territory? Let’em pay my pension and eff the future of my culture. Why not? What has my culture done for me? I owe money left, right and centre, I am forever paying bills and long gone is citizenship. We’re customers now.

Is it because of power?
You want a super-state, un-elected leadership, post-democratic Europe? And you need the breakdown of State-hood into un-bordered, melting pot for this?
Tell me. Have that face; sell me a “one Europe one People” vision. But you sell nothing. Bland, faceless, far bureaucracy to conceal nothing but immense business deals of every kind and magnitude. Politics? What politics! Baby, we’re here for the money. True Machiavelism. In the hands of few true motherfuckers, we are dealt like cards on a table. Again, hey; what’s in it for me? I’ll just throw in a token revolt and then just lay back and think of …well…fill that gap by yourself really. I’ll think of getting ready for that just one day.

Because the day is coming.

The cultural impotence you have castrated yourself into has scraped the barrel and now you can’t keep a lid on the dirty deal. Like at the beginning of last century when “so many Italian labourers-so many bags of carbon” trade used to go on between Italy and Belgium….we have been traded similarly with oil and Islam.
But it’s not working and it will not work because even if Fini has become part of the system, if Le Pen is old, if Fortuyn is dead, if Griffin has bread crumbles on his jacket, if only Milosevic had pussyfooted just a tiny bit, another one is still due. All you need is one with a bit of “oral skills” and this time, we’re all mush.
Europeans are ready to buy a Strong Man and one is likely to spring up soon.

The signs are there yet, for the sake of God-dollar you are not just selling the furniture, you’re selling the family as well. It looks like there is no awareness of what will happen with these demo-porno-graphic-trends. Yes, pornographic because they are obscene. Because they have modelled an economic system that needs and feeds on continual growth (not a bad idea in itself) and so, when men were not enough anymore; females found a two-faced emancipation. On man’s term. You’re not one or the other; you’re both but still get paid for one. I thought that was a clever move. Now you are equal to me, you go to work. Well done, ;-) But me no equal bunny. Me no wash, cook, clean etc regular as if expected by some obscure and chauvinist law of nature as it happens for you. Yours is that gift. Still, essentially, having to choose between an occupation/aspiration and motherhood should not happen. Society should be organised in a way that allows that automatically, naturally. But it never was. Child-caring costs a fortune and is never convenient.
Consequence=no children.
Consequence=no food for the growth chain or tax payers
Ok. I got it finally.

You know you’ve messed up our pension funds and we need immigrants to pay for it? Couldn’t get the Poles in droves like now and the Muslims were the cheaper one when tied with oil deals? from which you have made and are making unimaginable amounts of money?
Tell me. Talk to me.
Because if you don’t, someone else soon will. And he’ll offer no deal and, no compromise. He’ll have no tolerance, want no statesmanship, show no restraint, feel no hesitation, bear no doubt.
He will scorn over The Man on the Moon against the man in a cave, he will defend and glorify me and then, there will finally be true no-hiding.

An iron-man to reshape Europe shaking her from her timidity and oppose Islam with a good rattle of swords. They'll quickly remember what wars Europeans starts...
A steel leader of the West to say: “Democracy; you are in or you are out” and make another UN based on this.
And if you are not in, the in world sends 10o.000 soldiers each. Or one sends 10 millions, I couldn't care less. From now, from today, I want to switch the TV on and see this person say " Now we are not playing anymore and this is exactly what would happen unless you modernise as from Monday. If you don't we start here. Yes here, exactly here, so whoever of you wants to fight and die, we can start here, say Tunisia.
And mean it. And do all of them. A campaign of 10 years. A Blitzkrieg from Morocco to Sudan to Indonesia. A Paris-Dakar of Democracy. Once and for good. Entire nations would crumble years before we even got to them and more importantly, years before they get an atomic bomb for the ultimate dhimmi blackmail.
No sleep to Mecca.

Is this crazy?
Are you sure that a nuclear holocaust is a better proposition?

Because something has got to happen now.
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