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For bloggie's dog lovers.
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Friday Afternoon Quiz
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For Fay, cba, RC neo-Jew, annie, smit, Trillian and Dave Ray
There's no place like home...
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Gahan Wilson
I really enjoyed the article on cartoonists that adele put in the linkopotamia a while back. I love Gahan Wilson and thought that maybe some bloggie comrades didn't know his work - so it seemed like a great topic to post in the Secret Garden.

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Comic Relief
I thought it was a good time to post the following in light of the recent "cartoon riots".
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The Journey to Ferkakta
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The Great Chia Experiment
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Sock it to me!
Thirty eight years ago today, Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In makes its debut.

It's Laugh-In!
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Sunday Quiz Time!
Ready for a couple quizzes?
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Stinky Cheese Comrades
Earl gave me an idea when he posted about Monty Python's "Cheese Shop" sketch. Seeing as this is a blog closely affiliated with stinky cheese, I thought I would post a couple links and assign everyone their own personal cheese.

During this difficult time, I think it's good that we can have a light-hearted moment.

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Happy 2006 comrades!
In keeping with the tradition of wishing everyone a healthy New Year, the Secret Garden is proud to present...
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Leading the comrades down the garden path...
And where will this path eventually lead?
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With the holidays approaching, it won't be long until we start seeing Chia Pet ads. Yes, they are cheesy. I have never bought one but am seriously considering it as I have "issues" with indoor plants.
I had a casual friend invite me over to her house several years ago and it was a veritable jungle! It was amazing! And of course, my over-achieving brother has numerous exotic beauties.
I can't use the cats as an excuse anymore because they now have their own room. So I will give in to K-Tel and buy one ;-)
What's your favorite Chia?

Just for bloggie:

For Simpson's fans:

Computer chair getting a bit uncomfortable?

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Bitter Plants For All Seasons!
Borrowing once again from our dear Sine, I invite the bitter literati to partake of a feast of another kind...
Bitter aloe, Aloe ferox Aloe_ferox[1].jpg This South African succulent would do well in the yards of texanista, RIP Ford or Ed.
Bitternut hickory, Carya cordiformis cdot07-54.jpeg Oooh, this one's for you Marine Momma - a deciduous tree from the walnut family, it is found throughout all of Ohio.
Bitter casava, Manihot esculenta 'Variegata' is also known as the Tapioca Plant. tapioca5sm[1].jpg
OK, now this Hawaiian beauty is definitely warm weather so it would do well with zorkie, Sine, Sojo, monkeyweather and Roya!
Bitter rattan, calimus viminalus
dong[1].gif This palm is another exotic tropical - so maybe annie and longwhitecloud could keep it alive.

Bitter cress, Cardamine Pensylvanica Cardamine_pensylvanica[1].jpg This woodland plant from Pennsylvania would make a nice bouquet for Dances With Typos, Siddhartha Vicious and Mr. Loonly!

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