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Gambian President Has Dream, Cures AIDS
The CNN headline is a joke in itself: AIDS cure or sick joke by African president? Neither. It's just another symptom of the megalomania that is so prevalent among African leaders.
At the only hospital in the capital of this tiny West African nation, a 3-year-old AIDS patient named Suleiman receives his daily dose of medication -- a murky brown concoction of seven herbs and spices served out of a bottle that once contained pancake syrup.

The boy is told a spoonful a day will make him better. His mother, Fatuma, takes the same concoction, as do several dozen other AIDS and HIV patients here. Adults take two spoonfuls.

"It's amazing," Fatuma says. "Two weeks ago, I was very ill, weak and couldn't eat without vomiting."

This has become the treatment for HIV/AIDS patients here since early January, when Gambian President Yahya Jammeh announced he had discovered a cure for the disease that has wreaked havoc across Africa. He made that announcement in front of a group of foreign diplomats, telling them the treatment was revealed to him by his ancestors in a dream.

His concoction has stirred controversy and anger among health officials who say the president's claims will bring false hope to the nation's more than 20,000 HIV/AIDS patients. They are also afraid that it could cause patients to stop taking the anti-retroviral drugs that have been proven to prolong life and improve quality of living.

One critic was Fadzai Gwaradzimba, the U.N. envoy to Gambia. She was abruptly kicked out of the country after saying on February 9 that patients should continue their normal treatment and that Jammeh's concoction be "assessed by an international team of experts."
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Sudan blames the musicians
Sudan blames Israel and Jews for many of its woes
Sudan's president said on Tuesday his country would never allow U.N. peacekeepers into Darfur and charged that the West wanted to dismember his country in order to help Israel.

"It is very clear there is a plan to redraw the region," especially after the invasion of Iraq, President Omar Hassan al-Bashir told a news conference on the sidelines of a ministerial U.N. General Assembly session.

"The main purpose is the security of Israel. Any state in the region should be weakened, dismembered in order to protect the Israelis, to guarantee the Israeli security," he said.
At this point, the whole U.N. assembly got up and booed him. Well, at least in my dream they did.
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The traveling jihadis
What a surprise: Video shows Arabs fighting in Somalia.
A recruiting video issued by members of the fundamentalist Islamic movement in Somalia shows Arab radicals fighting alongside the local extremists in Mogadishu, and invites Muslims from around the world to join in their "holy jihad."

The video, obtained by The Associated Press, provides the first hard evidence that non-Somalis have joined with Islamic extremists in Somalia.

The Supreme Islamic Courts Council, which defeated U.S.-backed warlords in Mogadishu last month and is now the country's most powerful force, has repeatedly denied links to extremists such as al-Qaida.

But the one-hour video appears to confirm U.S. fears — and al-Qaida's boasts.
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Another Afghanistan in the making
Somalia is well on her way in becoming an Islamic state and the attitude of the State Department, waiting to see whether the militia shows "a commitment to fight terrorism, makes an effort to meet the humanitarian needs of the Somali people and works with the interim government" is a joke.

The first thing the new Islamic government plans to do is stone four suspected rapists to death if they're convicted. How humanitarian of them.
Sheik Hassan Dahir Aweys, who already was on the U.S. terrorist watch list as a suspected collaborator with al Qaeda, made the comment while discussing efforts to form a functioning central government in Somalia for the first time in 15 years. "Somalia is a Muslim nation and its people are also Muslim, 100 percent. Therefore, any government we agree on would be based on the holy Koran and the teachings of our prophet Muhammad," Sheik Aweys told the Associated Press in a telephone interview, his first comments to the press since being named head of the Islamic militia Saturday.
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Manual of Chutzpah, Chapter 4
NIGERIA, the country that gave the world the infamous 419 scam designed to empty the bank accounts of innocent victims, has warned its citizens to be wary of fraudsters when they travel to Britain.

In a deadly serious travel advisory — greeted with scorn by Western visitors to a country where 12 Britons have been kidnapped this year — the Information Ministry said that Nigerian visitors to Britain had suffered an increase in robberies and other crimes.
I guess the advisory didn't include any warnings about English widows who are trying to get $140,000,000 out of the country and are looking for a trusted stranger to help them. I hope no Nigerians fall for that one! Beware cheats of London says the con-trick capital.
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Those Jews, they're everywhere...
The evil Jews are at it again: shady and mysterious Jewish organisations are objecting to the genocide in Darfur and they've been holding rallies asking for the UN to send colonial forces to Sudan as part of a plot to re-colonise the country. Luckily, Omar al-Bashir, Sudan's Great Leader, caught on to the evil Jewish plot and he's barring UN peacekeepers in order to avoid re-colonisation. He's got help from a few good friends, too:
Two terrorist groups, styling themselves the "Jihad Brigade" and the "Darfur Blood Organisation", have already emerged in Darfur, vowing to fight any UN deployment.

UN officials say that Pakistanis have recently arrived in Darfur and are believed to lead the two new groups. But their strength is probably no more than a few score.
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Qaddhafi has not changed his spots
Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddhafi is biding his time, waiting for the end of Bush's term so he can mark another notch in his survival belt. His support for international terrorism continues unabated with his recent move to fund Hamas; additionally, he's part of the problem in Darfur. Where don't the sonofabitch's slimy tentacles extend?
This week marks the 20th anniversary of the U.S. military strike against Libya. On April 14, 1986, President Ronald Reagan ordered the U.S. Air Force to attack military targets in Libya in response to Libyan involvement in a terrorist attack on a West Berlin disco which killed two U.S. servicemen.

In a nationally televised address after the strike, Reagan declared, "Today we have done what we had to do. If necessary, we shall do it again." He described Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi's record of terrorism and subversion in Africa. He acknowledged that he bore no grudge against ordinary Libyans, "decent people caught in the grip of a tyrant."

Two decades later, little has changed. Qadhafi continues to support terrorism. While he sought Western grace for ransoming kidnapped hostages in March 2000, the Abu Sayyaf terrorist group then used the $25 million to amplify its terrorism. According to U.S. Pacific Command, "Speedboats used in other kidnappings were allegedly bought with the money, as was a rocket launcher that killed an army captain in pursuit of the fugitives." On March 23, 2006, Qadhafi feted Hamas political leader Khalid Mishaal in Tripoli. The Libyan strongman promised to fund Hamas, even as Mishaal pledges more terrorism.

Qadhafi likewise continues his subversion in Africa. Today, former Liberian President Charles Taylor awaits trial in the Hague for crimes against humanity for his role in the Sierra Leone civil war. The Special Court for Sierra Leone issued its charges on June 4, 2003. Its indictment is instructive: "Taylor received military training in Libya from representatives of the Government of Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi. While in Libya the accused met and made common cause with [Sierra Leonean rebel leader] Foday Saybana Sankoh." Qadhafi's facilitation of the meeting contributed to the loss of as many as 75,000 civilians lives in the civil war that ravaged Sierra Leone.
Unfortunately for Africans, such behavior is the rule rather than the exception. Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on September 9, 2004, Secretary of State Colin Powell declared, "Genocide has been committed in Darfur." Yet according to a January 30, 2006, U.N. Security Council report, the Libyan government continues to send weapons to Darfur in violation of the arms embargo. Libyan fighters have joined the militias. In July 2005, one faction "received 35 Land Cruiser vehicles from someone in one of the Libyan security services." As in the Philippines, so too in Sudan. Diplomatic spin might change, but Qadhafi's behavior does not.
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What South Africa is really like
In purely utilitarian terms, what did the greatest good for the greatest number of South Africans, black and white alike? The current system, or apartheid? I'm reluctantly coming around to the unpopular (erm, radioactive, actually) opinion that apartheid looks positively rosy next to accounts of real life in South Africa like this one. Neither South Africa's blacks nor its dwindling population of whites (who, unlike the blacks, can readily emigrate to more hospitable nations) can be happy with this state of affairs.
So if you REALLY want to know why I came to London, first consider these statistics: Since 1994, the reported cases of burglary and attempted burglary at residential premises in the Republic increased by 32.8%. Robbery with aggravating circumstances followed a similar trend, with an increase of 39.3% over the same period. Ten percent of Jo'burg households were the scene of burglary over the last year and half of these occurred in broad fucking daylight. In 30% of these, the family was even home. And the murder rates? In the UK it's 1 per 100,000, while the USA is 6 per 100,000. The good old, racially integrated melting pot of South Africa is 59 per 100,000.

It gets worse. Last month, a nongovernmental organisation called CIET conducted a survey into sexual violence among South African 10-19 year olds. South Africa, in particular places like my hometown, Johannesburg, is in the midst of an ever-expanding rape holocaust that's driving girls like me out of the country like rats from a sinking boat made of AIDS and bite wounds.

The study, carried out among 270,000 white and black schoolchildren, showed that 60% of boys and girls alike think it is not violent to force sex with somebody they know. Tellingly, some 66% of those boys and 71% of girls had themselves been involved in forced sex. I could go on for days. How about the fact that 13% of South African youth still believe that "sex with a virgin cures AIDS?" Nice.
All of this is why we're designing our homes and cars with more security extras than Professor X in X-Men 4.

I lived in Dainfern, an all-white secure complex surrounded by a 10-foot high, double electrified fence and border patrol. When I came home, I had to use my electronic control to open the front gates of the complex. Once inside, I had to wave to the armed guards at the gate who then checked my ID card and asked me to sign in. Then I would drive to my home and use another controller to get inside my front gate, then another controller to get inside my garage door. Once I locked the gate and the garage door, I'd use another lock to get inside my house.

Recently, my cousin was killed, shot in the head inside his own home. Two black guys broke into his home and killed him after shooting his brother in the stomach. They stole his $40 cell phone and nothing else. Things like that have made my family extra security-conscious, so we have an INVISIBLE LASER BEAM security alarm that operates all around the grounds and INSIDE our own house. We also bought secure, retractable security doors for every single room in the house. Most importantly, we had the more expensive security doors put between the kitchen and the hallway that leads to our bedrooms. Our house is literally zombie-proof.

My English friends all tell me it's an extreme measure, but burglars from the townships are very clever these days and will often stake out a house for weeks before making their raid. Often, the safer a house the more dangerous it becomes. They look at it like, the bigger the security measures, the more expensive the loot inside the house, so if they really want to get in and take everything they will. They call it "affirmative shopping" (get it? Like affirmative action). If you've got a dog, they'll poison the dog. If there's a lock they want to pick, they'll pick it. If a human stands in their way, they'll kill it. That's why you have to super-prepared. In all, the electric laser beams cost about 5,000 rand ($830 U.S.). The electric fence is about the same. The retractable security doors can vary. If they're put around every window in a large house, including the doors inside the house, you can look at spending about 60,00 rand ($10,000). Usually the 10-foot gates outside your house come with the price of the sale.
Read the whole thing.
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100 percent Zuluboy
Jacob Zuma, former deputy president of South Africa and icon of the anti-apartheid movement, is on trial on charges that he raped the daughter of a family friend. Check out his excuse:
Taking the stand for the first time last week in the rape trial, Zuma cast himself as the embodiment of a traditional Zulu male, with all the privileges that patriarchal Zulu traditions bestow on men. Zuma, who turns 64 this month, said his accuser, a 31-year-old anti-AIDS advocate, had signaled a desire to have sex with him by wearing a knee-length skirt to his house and sitting with her legs crossed, revealing her thigh.

Indeed, he said, he was actually obligated to have sex. His accuser was aroused, he said, and "in the Zulu culture, you cannot just leave a woman if she is ready." To deny her sex, he said, would have been tantamount to rape.

Such arguments have stirred a storm here, not because he insists that his accuser wanted sex - he-said, she-said arguments are not unheard of in rape trials worldwide - but because he has clothed them in what he depicts as African mores about sex and male primacy.

In South Africa, by far the most Western of African nations, the accord between centuries-old cultures and European notions of science and law has been both uneasy and unspoken. Zuma has laid it bare, effectively arguing that he is being persecuted for his cultural beliefs.
A zulu's last line of defense: Heritage
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Babies, dead in the gutter
Some things are beyond comprehension: thanks to Mugabe's land grabs and his Operation Murambatsvina, meaning "Drive Out the Filth", desperate mothers are throwing away 20 babies a week as Zimbabwe starves.
The dead gutter babies are the most pitiful victims of a government that believes it can starve its people into compliance, or death, turning Zimbabwe into the only country in the region with a shrinking population.
“Children are dying off like flies,” said one surgeon in Bulawayo who, like most of those interviewed for this article, asked to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions by President Robert Mugabe’s police state.
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And what an accurate census it will be
Nigeria's first census in 15 years was completed yesterday, a million census officials tried to count a population estimated to be anywhere between 120 million to 160 million in a country with dozens of tribes and with as many different languages and customs. It is quaint to hear that the Yoruba households wouldn't be asked how many children they have because it's considered bad luck, or herdsmen wouldn't be asked how much money they earn because they associate it with taxes, but parts of this census are not quaint at all: women will be once again undercounted in the Muslim households and the government has decided to not ask people's religion because "if Christians are more than Muslims in number, very likely Muslims will not accept it (the census) and vice versa." Anyway, forget the unaccounted, the violence and the land disputes associated with the census, I wonder how many of the census workers took the money and ran. (Is $40 a lot in Nigeria?)
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Get raped, go to jail
Libyan women and girls who have been raped are being detained in "social rehabilitation" centers, like criminals. The centers are portrayed by the Libyan government as protection, because these women not only have brought shame to their family by allowing themselves to be raped, and not only they're at risk of getting killed by a father or brother set to cleanse the family honor, these girls are also "vulnerable to engaging in moral misconduct". Getting raped makes you a whore, see.
Women and girls who have no male guardian have also been placed in the centres. They say they are treated like criminals.

Farida Deif, the researcher who visited the centres, said that "these facilities are far more punitive than protective". She said she was told that the Libyan authorities "don't just want to change the women's behaviour, but their personalities".

There is no time limit for the arbitrary detentions. The total number of centres in Libya is not known.

Responding to the charges in the report, the Libyan government said that Human Rights Watch was ignoring the Islamic values governing Libyan society, particularly the protection of women who might face "honour" killings.
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From soldiers to hairdressers
Liberia is trying to recover from the chaos of war; her economy is in ruins, there is no infrastructure, no money, and unemployment is at 85%. As if these problems are not difficult enough to overcome without sliding into war again, Liberia is also facing the task of teaching a generation of children soldiers to abandon war and learn life skills: Boy soldiers learn to be hairdressers
Jackson Fayia, 17, and his three comrades in the shattered town of Foya in northern Liberia are former child soldiers. Children fighting children was one of the most abhorrent aspects of the brutal wars that tore this small west African country apart from 1989 to 2003, killing more than 200,000 people and displacing almost half its population of 3m.

Boys as young as nine were used in the Small Boys Units of Charles Taylor, the warlord turned president, and those of the rebel groups fighting him. They were drugged and sent to the front line, almost as cannon fodder, while girls were abused by commanders as sex slaves.

Of 100,000 ex-fighters disarmed by the United Nations since the conflict ended in 2003, nearly 12,000 were children — 2,738 of them girls. All but 25 children have been reunited with their families by Unicef and about half are now at school or in skills programmes such as the one in Foya, learning anything from carpentry to pastry making.
A very high percentage of children soldiers were re-united with their families. Kudos to Unicef.
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Please come back, white people!
Shocka! After leading Zimbabwe into chaos, after seizing land from white farmers and laying it to waste, after imposing mass evictions on the poor and after completely ruining Zimbabwe's economy, Mugabe now has a change of heart. I hope no one takes him up on his offer and I hope he chokes.
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Weapons of mass destruction
Zimbabwe has been arresting journalists since 2003, effectively closing down any criticism of the government on the pretense that it poses a security threat. At a recent December conference, Mugabe's party decided that independent journalists and human-rights groups were "weapons of mass destruction" that presented a threat to Zimbabwe and yesterday the Security minister announced that "the net will soon close" on the few remaining journalists.
Mr. Mutasa suggested that more arrests were coming, saying that some Zimbabwean journalists have worked for foreign news organizations under pseudonyms but that the government "had since identified them from their closets."

The journalists were "driven by the love for the United States dollars and British pounds, which they are paid by the foreign media houses to peddle lies," he was quoted as saying in a report in The Manica Post, a state-run newspaper in Mutare.
Zimbabwe Issues Warning to Remaining Journalists
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We all know about Sudan's policy of rape in Darfur and the rape campaign carried out by the Janjaweed militia. This is even more sickening: According to Amnesty International, Arab women singers are complicit in rape; as the Arab men attack and rape African women, the singers offer songs of praise to the Sudanese president. They have good reason to praise him, the Sudanese government is not just complicit in these crimes but directly responsible:
Another human rights organisation, Human Rights Watch, today publishes alleged Sudanese government documents showing that it was much more closely involved with the Janjaweed than it has so far admitted. The documents, which Human Rights Watch said it had obtained from the civilian administration in Darfur and are dated February and March this year, call for "provisions and ammunition" to be delivered to known Janjaweed militia leaders, camps and "loyalist tribes". One document orders all security units in the area to tolerate the activities of Musa Hilal, the alleged Janjaweed leader in north Darfur interviewed by the Guardian last week.

Peter Takirambudde, the executive director of Human Rights Watch's Africa division, said: "These documents show that militia activity has not just been condoned, it's been specifically supported by Sudan government officials."

The official government line is that it did not arm or support the Janjaweed, though its presence was useful in helping to combat rebels in Darfur.
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Zimbabwe's continuing descent into chaos
Seeing what's happening in Zimbabwe is like watching a trainwreck in slow motion. Stench in Streets Signals Zimbabwe Crisis
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The 6, 7, 8, 9 wives of my husband
Who can explain love? Not me.
SAPARINGO, Kenya - Special guests arriving in Masailand cannot expect to be greeted with a red carpet. But a cup of bright red goat's blood is a possibility, followed by goat liver, goat pancreas and goat ribs, all flavored with copious amounts of salt.

"Ooooooooh," squealed Masataka Koga, a Japanese man on his honeymoon in Masai country, as he watched a Masai warrior smother a goat until it stopped breathing and then skin it, sap its blood and dissect it into parts, all in his and his new wife's honor.

Wielding the knife was Jackson ole Seyio, a man in his 20's who had clearly chopped up many goats before. This was a special one though, for his new Japanese in-laws, including the squeamish Mr. Koga.
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Mugabe, the latest member of the nuke wannabe club
Anyone really shocked by this? It's time for a nuclear club exclusion doctrine as national security policy. No new nations can be allowed to become nuclear, period. We didn't win the Cold War standoff with the Soviets so we could have a new mini-MAD planet, except with less rational opponents than the Warsaw Pact. It's time to end this charade that every two-bit tin-pot dictator has the right to nuclear power. NO. You do not have the right to fission technology, and if you have natural uranium resources, we're taking it away from you for the good of the rest of us.
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Africa's Jails
If Guantanamo is "an American gulag", what would Amnesty International call this? The Forgotten of Africa, Rotting Without Trial in Vile Jails
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A Country Of Spammers
This is kinda sad: Nigeria to jail spammers. Some of the Nigerian spam is priceless, and really, who in this day and age would fall for this?
This money is Ten Millon Two Hundred Thousand US Dollars which was deposited some years ago by my father he made me the sole beneficiary/next of kin to the money. I am now asking you to stand on my behalf to make this claim for the bank,am a girl and too young in age cann't handle this can of transaction,i want you to stand as my foregin partner oversea and also to help me investment the money as well send me your telephone number and pictures ok....
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Darfur Fast

Please check DarfurFast.org and see what you can do tomorrow to show the people of Darfur that they have not been forgotten.

Via ...Or Does It Explode?
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Zimbabweans Are Not Hungry, They Just Don't Like Potatoes
More of Mugabe's unassailable logic: Corn to Blame for Zimbabwe Famine
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Africa's Bloodiest War
In Congo, General Laurent Nkunda is amassing troops and getting ready to go on a killing spree. Nkunda is calling for a war against Congolese President Joseph Kabila and rumour has it he has the support of Rwanda - no surprise since the General and his army are Tutsi and Nkunda fought by Rwandan President Paul Kagame's side during the 1994 Rwanda genocide. Meanwhile the Congolese army is disintegrating and one battalion, consisting almost exclusively of Tutsis, has completely deserted.

And the Death Continues: A New Wave of Violence Threatens Congo
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African Anglicans Clean House
A very wayward Anglican bishop is being tried in Zimbabwe for myriad crimes, including inciting the murder of other Anglicans, stealing money, and worst of all to his black flock, preaching support for Mugabe's bloodthirsty Marxist policies. I wish the Anglican church had a death penalty. I'd hang the bastard.
HARARE, Zimbabwe -- An Anglican bishop who is a vocal supporter of President Robert Mugabe is being tried by an ecclesiastical court in Harare after an investigation into a range of charges, including incitement to murder.

The Anglican Church of Central Africa took the unprecedented step of convening a trial under canon law, at which Bishop Nolbert Kunonga became the first Anglican priest on the continent in more than 100 years to face prosecution by his peers.

As well as the most serious charge of incitement to murder, he is accused of sinning against the church, its officials and its flock. He rejects the charges.

If found guilty, the priest could be expelled from the church, and may even face civil charges if reports of missing church funds are proved.

The 55-year-old clergyman arrived for the beginning of his trial on Tuesday wearing a jeweled cross over his dark suit and crimson shirt at the Royal Harare Golf Club, in the shadow of Mr. Mugabe's official residence.

The first of 11 charges against Bishop Kunonga is that he sought the assistance of Zimbabwe's Central Intelligence Organization and information from militant "war veterans" to "incite or seek to incite" the murder of 10 prominent Anglicans, including priests and church wardens.

But that charge was temporarily withdrawn after Bishop Kunonga said he would not accept evidence by telephone from London where an Anglican priest, the Rev. James Mukonga, who fled Zimbabwe last year, was waiting to give evidence by video link to support his affidavit.

Jeremy Lewis, for the prosecution, told the court: "We withdraw without prejudice, but are free to lay a future complaint in another jurisdiction."

The proceedings were adjourned until today. Mr. Lewis said that Mr. Mukonga could give evidence in person in Malawi.

Other charges faced by Bishop Kunonga are that he tore up the infrastructure of the Harare Diocese by sacking 19 priests or church officials, dismissed heads of most of the church's institutions and banned the choir from singing in Harare's Anglican cathedral.

He is also accused of banning a predecessor, Bishop Peter Hatendi, from participating in church services; of abusing the use of church property, including vehicles and funds; falsifying minutes of church meetings; and of having removed and "disposed of memorabilia, plaques, tablets from the cathedral," some of historical interest.

Bishop Kunonga's appointment five years ago was accompanied by accusations that he bent canon law to become Zimbabwe's senior Anglican.

He went on to enrage his flock by preaching support for the Mugabe regime, and he endorsed the seizure of white-owned farms.

He also preached "racial hatred," according to a group of parishioners, mostly black, who have gathered in Harare to give evidence against him.

Bishop Kunonga, unlike most senior Zimbabwean churchmen, has refused to criticize Mr Mugabe's human rights abuses. He also received from Mr. Mugabe's government two of Zimbabwe's seized white-owned farms.

The Anglican Church in Zimbabwe, now desperately short of funds, sought donations from around the world to pay for the landmark trial, which is being heard by Judge James Kalaile, a leading Anglican and justice of Malawi's Supreme Court, and two Zambian bishops.

Bishop Kunonga has always maintained that his detractors are racists. If convicted, he can appeal within the church.

VirtueOnline-News - News - HARARE: Anglican court tries bishop in Zimbabwe
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