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Antisemites Win
UK academics approve boycott on Israel universities
The UK's largest union of university lecturers approved Wednesday a proposal to boycott Israeli academic institutions.

The University and College Union (UCU) heeded calls from Palestinian trade unions for "a comprehensive and consistent boycott of all Israeli institutions."
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The actions of one
It's really sad when a whole community of people lives in fear because some schizophrenic committed a murder in another country, on another continent. French Jews, here and there, voice fears of revenge attacks. Julian Soufir slit the throat of taxi driver Taysir Karaki because "he was an Arab". The police said his motive was "nationalistic" and pundits rushed to proclaim "Jewish terrorism". Soufir was mentally ill, he had previous psychological problems and had been sent for a psychiatric evaluation. But once again, when it comes to Jews, they're all judged by the actions of one unstable and mentally ill person.
Monday's murder of an Arab in Tel Aviv, allegedly by a French Jewish immigrant, shocked and frightened many Jews in France, according to Sami Gozlan, a former police inspector in Paris. Gozlan, who currently tracks attacks on Jews in France, explained that they fear the murder of East Jerusalem taxi driver Taysir Karaki, to which Julian Soufir confessed, will worsen the already tense relations between Jews and Muslims in that country. Their fears were shared by French Jewish immigrants to Israel, who expressed concerns that Jewish relatives and friends back in France would be subject to revenge attacks there.
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guest author: Pamela H.
Firsthand Report: Israel Apartheid Week, NYC
I attended the last two events, part 3 & 4, Monday and Tuesday evenings as part of the Israel Apartheid Week. However, I was so overwhelmed that I flat-lined.

I've spent my life free of the academic assault I've only heard about; our nation's youth being indoctrinated, yada yada yada. But the drone of the Leftists, force-feeding their propaganda, was alive and thriving in Judson Hall. How can anyone buy into these most obvious tools propaganda; the repetition... the boring repetition of buzz-words? Do people really leave these things inspired?! Of course, they are mainly preaching to the choir, so it makes them happy. And that "Grand Hall" of Judson Church! So befouled by their garbage. You know it was never meant for this tripe. You know the founders of this Baptist Church at one time actually met there and did something more nurturing than this Hate America, Hate Israel crap we were sitting through.

Monday night we sat through four ....VERY LONG and (as I said) repetitious speakers. But before they started, our David Project contingent was great! Total attendance was probably about 75. Our group was maybe 25? Spread out. Solid. Some of those kids are also from Stand With Us, one of the sponsors of our materials. I loved how they calmly walked into the room and placed the protest pamphlet on each seat (the audience hadn't filled the room yet). It took a long time before THEY figured out they been tricked AGAIN! I loved watching them trying to figure out who had done it. Hah! That was so NOT going to happen. So plan B for them was at the end of all the speakers. The last male speaker had the woman moderator do her "Vanna" impression by holding up the David Project pamphlet as he trivialized it as being full of lies. (smirk, smirk)

Anyway, we had speakers #1 and #3 presented to us as college instructors of ENGLISH. Both are Arab and #1 had an accent so-o-o thick he has GOT be turning out a generation of BORATS. He was a mass of buzz words. You can always hear those and then long sentences of arab-accented nonsense.

In between we had the Native American. I almost left. He NEVER shut up. On and on he went about the history of the "Indigenous Peoples" and America's holocaust and land-grabs that ....I wasn't ever really clear what he was asking for .... He was such a poor speaker. Read from notes. I thought at one point we were going to get a Ben Stein homage "Anyone...Anyone...?" Finally he popped an Apartheid reference...droned on some more and mercifully SAT DOWN!!. My friend said he chose that horrid 20 minutes or so to relive his WHOLE Senior Year in high school. (Wish I'd thought of that.) Nope! I actually tried to pay attention.

The lone female speaker is in the media. (NPR/CNN...whatever) Jewish according to my friend, but ...whatever. She was the Kumbaya of the evening. "We can do it. We can all get along." And by the way, did you know...she's spoken to LOTS of Israeli Jews who also agree THAT WALL is an APARTHEID Wall. (really?....who are these people?) Anyway. Torture. Nothing we haven't heard before.

Monday night, Dani from Stand with Us tried to get a question answered by the panelists. He was first up and it was a fair and polite question, but—of course—there would be NO answer. He was brushed off. And our microphone gal, Ms. Charlotte (Very Marxist) Kates, managed to choose only two more people for questions. Ringers! Who ate up so much time with preface and personal story-telling that: time's up!

Part 3-the Digital Night-was huge. I'll write about that later.
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The working definition of anti-Semitism
Dina Porat is the head of Tel Aviv University's School of Jewish Studies and she's discussing what makes an anti-Semite. Among other examples of anti-semitism, she includes:
* Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a state of Israel is a racist endeavor

* Applying double standards by requiring Israel to behave in a manner not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation

* Using the symbols and images associated with classic anti-Semitism (e.g., claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterize Israel or Israelis

* Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis

* Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel

However, criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as anti-Semitic.
This last part is tricky because people do criticize Israel without taking into account any of the factors mentioned in this article.
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Carter wants patting, not pelting
Carter is discussing his book at Brandeis University but does not want to face criticism, so, Alan Dershowitz, who had hoped to debate Carter, was told he would not be allowed to attend the discussion.
The university originally invited Carter on the condition that he debate Dershowitz, a critic of the book. But Carter said he would only visit the campus without conditions. He later accepted an invitation from a committee of students and faculty to speak without taking part in a debate.

Carter's book has been criticized by some Jewish leaders as riddled with inaccuracies and distortions. Some have complained that it appears to equate South Africa's former apartheid system of racial segregation with Israeli treatment of the Palestinians.

Carter, who brokered the 1978 Camp David peace accord between Israel and Egypt and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002, has said his use of "apartheid" did not apply to circumstances within Israel. The 15 questions were selected from a list of least 120 by the committee that invited Carter, according to the university.

"The whole idea was that everyone would benefit if there is a more focused way of getting questions to the president, not having 1,700 people raise their hands to ask questions," said university spokesman Dennis Nealon. Critics were particularly frustrated that Dershowitz was not allowed to debate Carter. "It's puzzling because he said that he wants to have a discussion of his book and then refused to appear with Professor Dershowitz," said retired Brandeis history professor Morton Keller.
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Shine a light on them
Ben Macintyre thinks we need to hear poisonous ideas in order to realize how wrong they are: Let the Holocaust deniers speak out. I agree with him except for one part; millions of Muslims who are already radicalized against the West and against Israel, will not stop to question whether these poisonous ideas are wrong.
The Tehran conference of Holocaust deniers last week provoked waves of outrage around the world, but it may inadvertently have done more for the cause of honest history than any number of learned and objective monographs. The list of speakers alone demonstrated just how intellectually impoverished is the cause of Holocaust denial: David Duke, former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, the usual suspects such as Frederick Töben and Robert Faurisson, and a group of photogenic anti-Zionist ultra-Orthodox rabbis. The works of Irving were displayed in glass cases, like the fossils they are.

Sacha Baron Cohen perfectly captured the intellectual tenor of the conference by sending an apology note from the anti-Semitic Borat to the Golden Globes Award organisers, saying he was otherwise engaged as guest of honour at the Tehran knees-up.

So far from lending scholarly weight to Holocaust denial, the entire episode has revealed the crude anti-Semitic grandstanding of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian President. Iran’s Foreign Minister described the conference as “scientific and scholarly”, but when the anti-Israel rabbis went off-message and declared that the mass murder of European Jews had been “confirmed by innumerable eye-witnesses and fully documented”, every one of the Iranian government-controlled newspapers somehow missed the news.
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Shunned again
Remember Khaled Mahameed, the lawyer who opened the Arab Institute for Holocaust Education and Research in Nazareth? (He also honored bloggie with a visit :-)

Mr. Mahameed has been refused entry to Iran to speak at a conference on the Holocaust. I guess he doesn't have enough hatred to satisfy the mullahs, unlike, say, Lady Michele Renouf, Australian-born model and socialite, who is on her way to Tehran.
An outspoken Palestinian lawyer was hoping to challenge Holocaust deniers during a provocative conference that opens in Iran today. The international gathering will question whether six million Jews were actually slaughtered by the Nazis in the Second World War.

But yesterday Khaled Kasab Mahameed learnt from the Iranian Foreign Ministry — which had invited him to speak — that he would not receive a visa. No reason was given.

Mr Mahameed suspects that it was because he has an Israeli passport. It may also have been because he has made clear what he intended to say.
Kudos to him for trying.
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Islamists Not Quite Compliant With Geneva Conventions
Islamic extremists planned to kidnap dozens of Jews in Prague and hold them hostage before murdering them.
The Czech Republic's leading newspaper quoted unidentified sources close to intelligence agencies as saying the captives would have been held in a Prague synagogue while the captors made broad demands that they knew could not be fulfilled.

When those demands -- which were not specified by the sources -- were not met, the extremists would blow up the building, killing all who were inside, the paper added.

The paper, which gave other few details, did not say whether any arrests were made and did not specify the identities of the extremists.

On September 23 the government deployed armed guards around dozens of buildings and on the streets in the Czech capital after security services issued a warning that an unspecified attack was imminent.
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What is it about Israel that upsets them?
Here we go again: Irish academics are calling for a European Union boycott of Israeli academic institutions.
Asked about Hamas's charter and rhetoric, which advocate - often openly - genocide against the Jews in Israel, and whether the signatories to the Irish petition would consider boycotting Palestinian academic institutions due to this policy, Bowen replied, "the accusation of genocide against Hamas is libelous. The responsibility for ending the conflict lies with the aggressor. Israel is the aggressor."
So has been decided by James Bowen, Department of Computer Science at University College Cork, Jewhater Extraordinaire.
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Lessons in History
Yale creates first university-based center to study anti-Semitism. I can't believe there hasn't been one all these years. If the issue of anti-Semitism is not studied and taken seriously in the States, the leader in research and academia, how can we expect it to be taken seriously elsewhere?
Citing growing anti-Semitism around the world, Yale University said Tuesday it has created the first university-based center in North America dedicated to the study of the subject.

The Yale Initiative for Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism will provide a forum for scholars to research contemporary causes of anti-Semitism and ways to combat it, said Charles Small, the center's director. The center plans to offer courses, conferences and seminars, but it is too soon to say whether there will be a degree program, he said.

"Anti-Semitism has re-emerged internationally in a manner that many leading scholars and policymakers take seriously," Small said. "Because of this, there is a need to establish a high-caliber, interdisciplinary, nonpartisan, scholarly institute, so that students and faculty can engage these issues fully."
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Brits want to ban Israel from Biennale
A British architects' association is urging Biennale to ban Israel from participating in this year's exhibition because the Israeli project "justifies Israel's wars". Worse, it's a Jewish-British architect who is behind the petition to isolate Israel.
The British group argues that the Israeli display serves propaganda purposes, and ignores the Palestinians' role as the primary victim of the conflict with Israel. The exhibit, called "Life Saver: Typology of Commemoration in Israel," focuses on the phenomenon of memorialization in Israel, and depicts 15 structures established in the memory of those who died in Israeli wars and the Holocaust.
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Jewhatred in Britain is in its worst level
British Jews are facing a wave of anti-Semitic attacks prompted by the war in Lebanon. Not surprising, but disgusting all the same.
On Thursday an all-party parliamentary inquiry will state that anti-Semitic violence has become endemic in Britain, both on the streets and university campuses. The report will call for urgent action from the Government, the police and educational establishments.

Mark Gardner, of the Community Security Trust, said: “In July, when the conflict in Lebanon began, we received reports of 92 incidents, which was the third-worst month since records began in 1984.” In 2000 the monthly average was between 10 and 30 incidents.
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The enemy within
In their book "The Jewish Divide Over Israel", Paul Bogdanor and Edward Alexander ask "how is it possible for any Jew to support those who seek the destruction of his fellow Jews?" It's a very good question, indeed. The term "self-hating Jew" is often used to describe these people but I don't believe that they hate themselves as much as they hate their Jewish brothers and sisters. Jews Who Hate The Jewish State
Today, as in the past, the conduct of Jews who despise their own people spans the full spectrum of political depravity. There are anti-Zionist Jews who peddle vicious libels about Israel. There are anti-Zionist Jews who compare the Jewish state with Nazi Germany. There are anti-Zionist Jews who support the PLO, Hamas or Hizbullah.

There are anti-Zionist Jews who collaborate with anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers. There are anti-Zionist Jews who defend suicide bombings, anti-Zionist Jews who support the destruction of Israel, and – incredibly – there are even anti-Zionist Jews who advocate measures against other Jews that could plausibly be described as genocidal.

It is tempting to dismiss these views as a fringe phenomenon.
But we can't afford to do so. Read the whole article, it's chilling.
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Anti-Semitic attitudes in the UK are a leading factor in encouraging aliya for British Jews
UK Jews say anti-Semitism is major factor in aliya
Since hostilities erupted between Israel and Hizbullah, British Jews have experienced a doubling in the rate of anti-Semitic incidents - most in the form of vandalism and threats - according to the Community Security Trust. Many members of the Jewish community have also accused the British media of incendiary coverage of the conflict.

Leila Segal, a writer and editor, described herself as living in a "mental ghetto" in London, where she felt she was "always censoring" herself when it came to her Jewish identity.

"I'm not running away from that, because we have to confront it," she said. "But I really think that coming to Israel and living in Israel, that's a very strong act we can take to affirm our existence."

Shachar Navon of the Jewish Agency's London branch said the influx of immigrants would contribute to an expected 550 British olim in 2006, the highest number in the last decade and a continuation of a trend which has seen about a 50 percent rise in British newcomers in the last few years.

She attributed that increase largely to antagonism felt by British Jews: "They say they are not fully secure here in the UK and that there are anti-Semitic acts all the time. They say they want to live in a place that welcomes them instead of looking at them as strangers."
(cognac to bigel)
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Fear and paranoia
Excellent commentary by Jonah Goldberg: The Swastika and the Scimitar - Anti-Semitic paranoia is alive and well among Muslims.
According to the standard Holocaust narrative, the Final Solution was the product of "hate" or racism or, often, both. Anti-Semitism became popular in the 19th century; the Nazis expanded on it, constructing a pseudo-scientific biological racism that saw the Jews as a "cancer" on the body politic and the Holocaust as an attempt to excise the tumor. Herf does not so much debunk this version of history as cut through it.

In "The Jewish Enemy: Nazi Propaganda During World War II and the Holocaust," he concedes that hatred and racism were important, but he argues that they don't explain Germany's unique efforts to destroy the Jews. It's not as if no one hated the Jews until the 1930s.

The real answer isn't hate, but fear. Poring through miles of speeches, private comments, journal entries, party memoranda and all 24,000 pages of Goebbel's diaries, Herf concludes that the Nazis really believed that the Jews ran the world and wanted to destroy Germany. They believed that Jews controlled not only the Bolsheviks to the east but the capitalists to the west. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a mere pawn of his Jewish friends and advisors. The British Parliament, Goebbels wrote in one diary entry, was "in reality a kind of Jewish stock exchange." The "Jewish-plutocratic enemy" was everywhere, benefiting from, and responsible for, every piece of bad news for Germany. In fact, the Nazis were sure that the Jews had declared war on Germany first, giving them no choice but to respond to the Jewish campaign to "exterminate the Germans." This paranoia led the Nazis to believe that rounding up millions of Jews and gassing them was an act of self-defense.

What is so frightening is how similar this is to the sounds from the Middle East today. Ahmadinejad — dismissed by "sophisticated" academics as a blowhard — calls the Holocaust a myth. Indeed, there is no Jewish conspiracy theory too outlandish in the Muslim world. Huge numbers of Muslims — even 45% of British Muslims — believe that the Jews were behind 9/11. Theories that the Mossad is behind every bad headline, from the Indonesian tsunami to bad soccer performances, are common on the Arab street. According to Herf, this is only the second time the world has seen this sort of radical anti-Semitic paranoia. And, again, too many in the unspotless West are saying, "they can't be serious."
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If Israelis didn't defend themselves, they would be more lovable
This is one of the best explanations I've seen on why Europe, unlike America, finds it so hard to love Israel: To Israel with hate—and guilt
Countries that were most culpable in the Holocaust tend to be stauncher supporters of Israel—especially Germany. What was then West Germany became the main financial backer of the new Jewish state six decades ago, with a first payment of $865m in 1952. Aid continued throughout the 1960s, long before America became Israel's main source of outside support. This week's decision to commit German troops to the peacekeeping force in Lebanon also reflects past guilt.

If the right (and the Germans) are doing penance, the left, which now controls many of Europe's chanceries, and certainly much of its media, feels a sense of betrayal—which is why many now attack Israel with all the zeal of the convert. Until the 1960s European socialists championed the cause of the Jews and Israel. Mid-century socialists saw anti-Semitism and fascism as products of the right, so they became instinctively pro-Israel. In the 1950s it was left-wing French governments that provided Israel with nuclear power and a modern air force.

This changed with the six-day war in 1967, when Israel launched a pre-emptive strike to defeat the Jordanian, Egyptian and Syrian forces that seemed about to invade. It was a stunning victory, but it led to the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and Sinai. To European socialists, who had rallied to the underdog Israel in 1967, the Palestinians were now the oppressed and displaced. Israel came to be seen as a neo-colonial regional superpower, not the plucky survivor of the Holocaust keeping powerful neighbours at bay.

In the decades after 1967 Israeli politics also changed. The Labour Party, which had largely ruled Israel since 1948, began to lose ground to right-wing parties, notably Likud. European left-wingers, who had idealised Golda Meir's Israel as a pioneering socialist collective of happy kibbutzniks, were shocked by what they saw as the militarisation and racism of Menachem Begin's Israel—and they began a romance with the Palestinians instead.

This change can be chronicled over nearly a century in such liberal papers as Britain's Guardian. Chaim Weizmann, the first president of Israel, played a vital role in fostering the Guardian's early advocacy of Zionism and Israel, but the paper is now one of Israel's harshest critics. The BBC, a bastion of the soft left establishment, has also been criticised for its bias against Israel, not least during the latest war.

Attitudes to America have also clouded European views, especially on the left. As Israel has drawn closer to America in the past few decades, the left's antipathy towards the behemoth of capitalism has spilled into dislike of Israel. Public opinion in Turkey, the one Muslim country that was once pro-Israel, has turned against it in parallel with its turn against America, especially over the war in Iraq.

Emanuele Ottolenghi, an expert on Israel and Europe at Oxford University, argues that “Europeans see Israel as the embodiment of the demons of their own past.” The European Union is supposed to have traded in war, nationalism and conflict for love, peace and federalism. But Israel now reminds Europeans of darker forces and darker days.
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Justifying genocide
Jewish leaders, Paris slam Iran Holocaust cartoon show. A member of the Simon Wiesenthal Center submitted two cartoons to Iran's competition, depicting Ahmadinejad as Hitler. The cartoons were sent back.
The Israeli government, Jewish groups and the mayor of Paris on Thursday condemned an Iranian exhibition of cartoons on the Nazi Holocaust, accusing Tehran of spreading hatred and trivializing the murder of six million Jews.

Organizers of Iran's International Holocaust Cartoon's Contest said the museum exhibit, which has drawn more than 200 entries, aims to challenge Western taboos about the discussing the Holocaust.

Israeli government spokesman Gideon Meir called on the international community "to express disgust from such an anti-Semitic and inhuman event."

Yosef Lapid, chairman of the council of the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem, said: "The exhibit not only is horrific propaganda that supports Holocaust denial, it also paves the road to justifying genocide of the Jews in Israel."
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A story about Orla Guerin
Daniel Freedman at the NY Sun's blog:
I would have expected nothing less from her, since I've been on the receiving end of Guerin's hatred toward the Jewish State myself. About six years ago, while wandering through the Old City of Jerusalem with a friend, I chanced upon Guerin preparing a broadcast. After quietly standing and watching Guerin and her crew for about one minute, we heard her cameraman ask her: "shall we start?" To which she replied, "not till these troublemakers leave."

I then asked her in English "who are you calling troublemakers? We've only been here watching for a minute and haven't said a word." She hesitated, acting somewhat shocked that we heard the exchange, perhaps thinking us to be Israelis and not fluent English speakers, and then dismissively replied, "well you people are all the same." I turned and left, and filed a complaint with the BBC. The BBC replied with some standard e-mail saying that they couldn't verify my account and therefore could take no action.
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Silence and evil
Yad Vashem on Tuesday deplored the "alarming silence" of most of the world in the face of repeated Iranian genocidal threats against Israel.
"The alarming silence of the world indicates that the West has not yet understood that what is taking place is an attack on Western values and civilization," said Yad Vashem Chairman Avner Shalev. "History has demonstrated that silence in the face of evil statements begets evil actions," he added.

His unusually harsh comments bemoaning the passivity of most of the world's leaders to the looming Iranian threat came one day after Iran launched an exhibition of Holocaust cartoons in Teheran.
I don't know why his comments were characterized as "unusually harsh", I think they're pretty mild. I do agree that the West has not understood the threat we're under; I also believe that the West is not taking Iran's threats seriously and, once again, we'll wait a little too long and catch on a little too late. We have many among us to thank for that, revisionists, faux-liberals, people blind and deaf to history, but also Western leaders, like Jimmy Carter who believes that pre-emptive wars are wrong and that terror provides opportunities for negotiation.
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It's the Jews, stupid!
According to Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit, terrorism is not the problem and firing rockets on Israeli civilians is "fighting with honor":
The Israeli foray, he said, “led to the difficulties that everybody is facing,” blaming the Jewish state for starting the war. As for Hizbullah, Aboul Gheit praised the terror organization’s fighting ability and endurance – “they fought with honor,” he said - but “the result, after all, is a disaster for Lebanon.”

Ultimately, said Aboul Gheit, the real cause of the conflict is the “Palestinian problem,” noting that other Arab governments friendly with the United States hold the same view. The problem, he said, was not terrorism. “Terrorism is a reflection of the malaise that we are all suffering.”
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Every Jew is Israel
British Jews warned of rise in hate crime. I'm sure the rise in antisemitism is not confined to Britain alone.
THE Jewish community in Britain is facing a wave of anti-Semitism as a result of the conflict in Lebanon, security experts said yesterday.

The Community Security Trust (CST), which advises British Jews on safety issues, said that synagogues, schools and community centres should increase security as the risk of terrorist attacks and anti-Semitic incidents in Britain escalated in correlation with hostilities in the Middle East.
The trust logged 60 antiSemitic incidents last month, compared with 31 for the same month last year. These included the daubing of racist slogans and references to Islam on windows at a Jewish doctor’s North London home, and the painting of the word “Hezbollah” on the pavement outside Garnethill Synagogue in Glasgow. Other incidents involved abusive phone messages and hate mail.
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The left's anti-semitic world view
Thomas Haury's excellent analysis about anti-semitism on the left focuses specifically on Germany but his conclusions apply to most every country today.
The anti-imperialist world view of the New Left was characterised by Manicheanism, personification, conspiracy theory, and the counterposing of good “peoples” to evil finance capital. It was thereby structurally anti-semitic and openly nationalist. If the Palestine-Israel conflict is interpreted within this framework, then the structural similarity must concretise itself in a similarity of content.

If follows from this that the Palestinians are the good, established people, and Israel is just an imperialist bridgehead. The Jews have to be declared to be a non-people, which has allied itself with capitalism and imperialism. Inevitably, therefore, anti-Zionist pamphlets always talk about Jewish finance capitalists, or the Zionist propaganda machine, etc. The insistent equations of National Socialism and Zionism demonstrate that, even in the case of the German Left, as soon as the issue of Israel came up, then an aggressive need for German normality, for drawing a line under the past, and for the unburdening of guilt came to light.

For these reasons Left and Right do not meet up anywhere so clearly as they do in their hostility to Israel.
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Iranian Jews toe the line
Iran's Jews caught again in no man's land
Moris Motamed's political headquarters highlight the well-practiced survival skills of Iran's remaining 25,000 Jews — caught again in a political no man's land by the fighting between Israel and the Iranian-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Any public expression of sympathy for Israel would invite a sharp crackdown from authorities and hard-line Islamic groups.
Last week, Jews in the southern city of Shiraz held a pro-Hezbollah rally that was covered by state-run television — a sign that the march was likely overseen by the Islamic regime to reinforce the idea of national solidarity.

The Web site of the Tehran Jewish Community includes statements opposing Israel's military offensive in the Gaza Strip and praising uranium enrichment by Iranian scientists.
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A Jewhater yes, a criminal no
Abraham Foxman, the national director of the US Jewish Anti-Defamation League, is calling for a criminal investigation on Mel Gibson's comments about Jews. Criminal investigation about what? As abhorrent as Gibson's remarks were, they do not constitute a crime. I would like to see Gibson own up to his antisemitism though, instead of just offering a half-assed apology about "despicable" comments that he didn't really "believe to be true".
JEWISH groups have demanded Mel Gibson be investigated for hate crimes after the Hollywood star allegedly made anti-Semitic comments to US police officers when he was stopped on suspicion of drink-driving and speeding.

Gibson's reported criticism of Jews, contained in a leaked police report detailing his arrest early on Friday morning, included the phrase: "F*****g Jews. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."

He has since apologised for his actions, saying they were "despicable", but community Jewish leaders called for Gibson to be ostracised from Hollywood, where the A-list actor is considered an industry powerbroker.
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Angry at Israel
Police are calling the attack at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle a "hate crime". Ya think?
The gunman is a U.S. citizen, and police said initial contacts with him by phone while he was inside the building indicated that he was a Muslim.

Amy Wasser-Simpson, the federation's vice president, told the Seattle Times in a story on its Web site that the man got past security at the building and shouted, "I'm a Muslim American; I'm angry at Israel," before he began shooting.
He killed one woman and wounded five others.

Previous thread on this attack here.
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