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An Admission of Infidelity
I feel pretty terrible and mixed-up right now. I feel sad yet I feel strangely happy. I want to cry but then I happen upon something new and wonderful and I can't help but laugh. I'm sure many of you will think "aha, mental illness, I knew it was coming" but the truth is that I'm in love. I haven't been in love like this for a very long time and the last time it happened I felt very strange and conflicted: I fell in love with a foreigner from Norway but our cultures clashed. You know how White People From The North always feel superior and stuff? It was like that with us too.

I stayed in that relationship for a little over four years. Okay, to be honest, I'm still in that relationship but I'm cheating, and I'm cheating a lot: we spend an hour or so together, upstairs, before I go to sleep, but the rest of my day...Well, the rest of my day I'm spending with my new, foxy paramour. He looks exactly like my Norwegian paramour except he's American (of mixed race), he's cosmopolitan, he's popular, he's well-traveled--he's practically global one could say--and he charmed me enough to want a divorce from the Norwegian.

There's a reason that all this happened, of course, and it's the fault of some woman from Arkansas, named Lady Red (I will not disclose her personal information in public, but it is available to the court in case the Norwegian wants alimony and sues me.) The American and I met because I called him one day to help me clean some Hebrew graffiti that my useless Norwegian had been promising to clean up for ever and never did. The graffiti was on the walls of Lady Red's garage (it was nice graffiti, something like "I kick your butt!", but in Hebrew) and she offered to clean it herself but really, it was man's work and she's too delicate for such things. So anyway, that's how the American and I met. And that's how the love affair began.

First he cleaned the graffiti, in like, immediately and without making a fuss. He's very polite, he doesn't speak down to me and best of all, he doesn't have a thick Norwegian accent. Don't get me wrong, I find Norwegian accents sexy and attractive but they are hard to understand and sometimes, after a drink or two, both our accents got so difficult to understand that we would both cry. But no more crying over thick accents because the American doesn't have an accent although he's very popular in Europe and spends a lot of his time there and says cute things like "courgette" instead of "zucchini". Isn't that adorable? Not to mention that he opens doors and shoos away all pests and annoyances so I can just smell the rose petals that little Indian slave children spread on the floor for me as I walk by. I wake up every morning happy and excited that we'll spend the day together but I still feel a little guilty thinking of the Norwegian. But not too guilty because I've made my decision: I'm staying with the American.

The only question now is how to tell Bloggie. I've been thinking about this a lot the last few days, I don't want to hurt Bloggie's feelings and betray its innocent child's trust. Bloggies are very tender at this age and it's highly possible that it will think I've gone over to the dark side and it will be upset and unhappy. But really, what else can I do but be honest? So, Bloggie, here's the news:

Opera is not your daddy anymore. Firefox is your new daddy!

P.S. I've already scheduled an appointment for Bloggie with the Ferkakta Therapist Group, we'll be attending the "Mommy, Why Do I Have So Many Daddies?" group session next Thursday. Wish us luck.
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guest author: papijoe
A Great Miracle Happened There
I think a lot of us had a tough year so I thought I'd send out some encouragement based on my understanding of why Hannukah is important. The miracle of the rededication of the Temple reminds us that even when our senses and human understanding tells us we don't have enough, HaShem knows our needs and can supply what we lack. He is in fact all we need.

When we don't have enough money to pay the bills that are piling up, when we lack the patience with our kids, when we feel like we don't have the strength to face the challenges that loom in the days ahead, think of Hannukah, think of the lights that represent hope. Happy Hannukah friends, may HaShem bless you and keep you, may His Face shine upon you!
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Rotating Titles Casting Call
zorkie and I grew weary of our old rotating titles a long time ago. There were too many of them and some were pretty random and getting old. I know some of our actions since then have enjoyed a questionable level of popularity, which is why the first word in this entry is "zorkie" so I can hide behind her skirt. During election week, we had the bright idea to have Presidential campaign slogans as rotating titles instead of the ones we had before, and to take advantage of the opportunity to accidentally delete all our old ones. Now people (annie) are complaining about how few rotating titles we have any more, and the pressure is threatening to overwhelm zorkie's ability to focus on removing the corners from her french fries properly.

So here's the big idea: we'd like you to start nominating new rotating titles using a particular format, which has some significant advantages over the old way. The new format is this: when you spot a phrase that would make a funny rotating title, post a comment like this: "discarded lies: lorem gypsy dollar spit." That way, we can search Bloggie for "discarded lies:" and find all the rotating title nominations easily in one place. If you start doing this, it greatly improves your chances of having your rotating title nomination noticed. Until now, there was no real way to search for these other than searching for "RT", which is a pretty bad search term because those two letters appear together in that order in approximately half of the English dictionary.

Oh-annie's comment also inspired another idea, which was to ask florrie to work on a special project to make a Bloggie Rotating Titles museum. This is the pre-announcement to announce that we will be announcing floranista's project as soon as she finishes making it.

Thank You,
The Mgmt.
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Ferkakta Store Grand Opening!
With anarchist rioters destroying downtown Greece, it's too dangerous to venture outside and risk being tear-gassed and molotov cocktailed these days. Instead, Ferkakta citizens have a safe alternative for Christmas shopping: the Ferkakta Store! We've overhauled zorkie's games website to showcase her games better, and we're now selling merchandise there, too! So if you've ever wanted a hippo t-shirt or mousepad, or a Ferkakta coffee mug, here's your chance. There's also a t-shirt for every game, including Haven, which is due out in early January.

The t-shirts and mousepads are handled by Printfection. We researched custom t-shirt companies to find the best one because we don't want to sell crappy t-shirts, and Printfection's shirts are high quality and their equipment is top-notch—unlike, say, CafePress. The coffee mugs are handled by Zazzle. If you're in the United States and you're spending at least $40 with Printfection, use the coupon code FREESHIP08 to get free shipping until the 14th. Our cut is $5 of the price of anything you buy, so go make us rich!

You might also notice that zorkie's games now have an ad at the beginning. The ads are by a company called MochiAds. They don't pay that much; we're getting about 33 cents per thousand players, on average. So every time three thousand people play zorkie's games, she makes a dollar. However: MochiAds is now also hosting the games and paying for their bandwidth! When zorkie experienced her sudden catastrophic success back in October, we racked up $300 in bandwidth charges with Slicehost. Luckily, they're really nice guys, and when we told them we'd just suddenly experienced success out of nowhere, they reset our bandwidth meter to zero and congratulated us. Now we don't have to worry about bandwidth, because MochiAds is paying for it, so zorkie won't be punished for her popularity.
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...And the Reviews Are In!
So it seems some of those umpteen thousand people who played zorkie’s games have a lot to say about them! Great things, too. One girl even made a walkthru of House! We’re saving them all and we are going to post them on a revamped Pixelatrix Games site soonish, but here’s a taste.


  1. House

  2. Shipwrecked

  3. Ferkakta By Night

  4. Codename: Ferkakta Hill


  • Great game, I was so happy to find that it automatically saved my progress from yesterday :-D

  • I also loved this game, the logic !
    Thanx to the creator....and i would love to see more like this !

  • Best of all the games by them. And no sliders.

  • Haven’t gotten far but I loved the “Demonology for Dummies” book

  • this game is scaring the hell out of me!

  • That was one of the best games I’ve played in ages! Thanks so much for everyones help - I got me train ticket the hell outta that creepy place

  • You are brilliant! The game is fantastic!

  • GREAT GAME. I love it.

  • Excellent game!

  • thanks so much for your games!

  • Thank you for making me laugh so hard playing your excellent game!!!

  • that was a very good game. I figured most things out myself. Nice codes, good graphics. More please

  • Very good game!!! Hours playing but that was excellent game. That house was creepy.

  • I sure recommend the Shipwrecked game from same creator

  • Thnx alot for making this great game!

  • I left that place finally, that was scary LOL. Nice game!!

  • Whoohoo i am out of that creepy house. That was too scary!

  • I’m out too. Had a great time. This was really funny at times, laughed out loud.

  • That was a great game - I enjoyed it very much!

  • And out !! On my way to Las Vegas, lol. Great game!!

  • Expected a more spectacular end… a well… it was a very nice game!!!

  • it was a very entertaining game!

  • Nice game! Great graphics, no pixel hunting (Yeah!). I thought the code was a little too obscure, but I still liked it. Will definately check out other pixelatrix games.

  • Out! Now I really enjoyed that game. Great job!

  • ok I’m out fun Game

  • great game!

  • Wow!! what a creepy game ,full of blood everywhere … Anyway l done it finally thanks

  • I just wanted to say what a great game that was, realy well done with some great dark humor. Thanks

  • Wow! That was a great game. Logical flow, sense of fun with enough scary bits to keep you on edge.

  • wow that was CREEPY( shudders)…that was so scary. good game thou…

  • finally out! Great game.

  • out !! hopped on the train to new york !!

  • I played Ferkakta by Night before starting this game. That makes this game even creepier!

  • I enjoy this game and its sick humour.

  • its the BEST game i ve ever played lol


  • Nice one!

  • Whoa….that was some game. Very nicely laid out. I enjoyed it even though I had to backtrack several times. Thanks for posting.

  • with a little help I flew away! had enough pixelatrix for tonight, so bye bye!

  • Thx guys for nice time

  • at least the maker of this game has a huge sense of humor!

  • where is Friday when you need him….

  • I love games like this! Lots of puzzles, no timer, and not the same-old, same-old find a screwdriver to escape the room. :-)
    Thanks for your creativity -- this was fun. Rather like a mini-Myst game.

Ferkakta By Night

  • i’m out !!!! the cheese is restored! this was pretty good!!

  • Well, I enjoyed it very much until the slider puzzle.

  • Holy Gouda!!! I solved it 1st try :pats self on back:

  • AHA… and OUT with the rest of you…..See you in the dayshift!!!!!!

  • I wish makers would either put a slider alert on the tag or put them at the beginning of the game. I hate ‘em. Just can’t do it.

  • What a maze that one was. there were parts I didn’t even know where there until i went back and forth a few times. Nice game!

  • yay finished, dat was good

Codename: Ferkakta Hill

  • Thanks for the games!

  • Finally out!!!

  • these games are fantastic- nearly a p&c / riddle cross

  • I’m crackin up at this code pad … too funny!

  • Great game!

  • Out at last!!!!!

  • That was a good game, but, uh, I have a headache now.

  • got through 2 of these today- a bit too much- but great games from this guy

  • I’m FINALLY out!!! Geeze, that game just did NOT want to end!

  • at last i’m out- released all the bloggers and am ready for bed!!

  • Have been playing 4 of your games this evening, and liked them all. Pretty hard to finish, but I just like them that way. Keep up this great job you’re doing!

  • a very good game

  • for those who may not know, ferkakta is a yiddish word meaning “messed up”, but the real translation is a bit more colorful. A good name for this town!

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Holy crap! World discovers zorkie's games!
zorkie to me this morning: "Bloggie seems kinda slow." Me, 3 hours later when I deigned to load Bloggie for the first time this morning: "Yeah, it is sorta poky." I checked the load average and it was fractional, under 1, so there was no reason for it to be slow. We decided there must be gremlins in Slicehost's network and left it at that. Then people started showing up from Google looking for hints for Ferkakta by Night and posting comments.

Not grasping the enormity of the phenomenon just yet, I checked the logs to see where these two kids came from. I thought maybe some teeny tiny site linked to that one game. I did a grep and the screen just kept scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. That's when I realized something was going on! Holy crap! World discovers zorkie's games!

The reason Bloggie is a little poky today is that over 8,000 people and counting have been playing zorkie's games all day. She's been linked from Turkey (over 2000 Turks are playing her games), Poland, Brazil, all kinds of weird places! I made this referer snapshot about ten minutes ago and it was at 8,326 players. Since then it's already gone up to 8524!!!

Cheers zorkie mou! Congratulations, the world has beaten a path to your door. It's hilarious, I wish we could understand what's written on all those foreign language sites. On the Turkish one, she has received 33 comments for House, 68 for Ferkakta by Night, and 53 on Shipwrecked. On the biggest referring site so far, escapegames24 which linked to House, she's got a thread with 207 comments!

Update Tuesday 12:46 AM: 26890 now! When I last checked it was 300 less, just a few minutes ago.
Update Tuesday 3:51 PM: 50370. Un-fucking-believable.

Update Monday 10/20 2:35 PM: our logfiles are rotated every week. The total until Sunday is 128,060 players, and the total since Sunday is 9,337 players, for a total of 137397 players.
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ev and zorkie
What do you do when you find yourself stranded in the middle of a blizzard in June and your car won't start? There's nothing to do but hoof it and look for help! A light over that hill looks promising...but will you find succor there, or are you about to sleepwalk into a slowly-unraveling nightmare? There's only one way to find out, and sitting here reading this isn't it! Go play! House is here!

Don't forget to click on everything, and have a look around while you're at it! There's a lot of humor crouching in the shadows, waiting to sneak up on you and tickle you when you least expect it. The controls are reasonably intuitive and similar to previous Ferkakta games, except that the navigation is much easier and you won't get lost. So jump in! If you have any questions, this is the thread!

I want to say thanks to Sean Gleeson and evariste for helping to test and refine House. The good parts, you can thank me for. If there's anything in the game you don't like, blame Sean Gleeson and evariste. And society.
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Goog? Gah.
While checking out the server logs, I saw a lot of frustrated Google searchers that may never have found what they were looking for. So I've decided to help them out.

- who is the gay weatherman

Contrary to what you may have heard, his rectum is a diode.

- "scrotum reduction"

I know how you feel. As for me, I had to have my penis reduced because it was just too large. It's still too large for most females, but now it's not redonkulous.

- disgusting foods that are ok to eat

Haggis, wild or farmed.

- chicken finger disorders

BillyWitchDoctor.com. One convenient locations...in Africa.

- naked male hippies

WHAT is WRONG with you.

- place to buy broken laptops

eBay. This is the most reliable place to obtain a broken laptop. The trick is to pretend you're trying to buy a working one, and pay full price for it. If anything ever shows up at all, it will be either a box full of rocks or a broken laptop.

- get rid of a friend

Easy. Show him your naked male hippie pic collection.

- bmw nazi

No BMW for you! Come back one year! Next!

-phobia of dishwashers

The dishwasher is more scared of you than you are of it.

- dick bleed

Pinch it closed, and hold the head up until the bleeding stops.

- how to become a janitor

The position is hereditary. If your dad isn't a janitor, the only way to get in is to kill a janitor and take his place.

- Home Depot shoplifting policy

Go right ahead. It's not like the employees ever pay attention to the customers, so who's gonna notice?


Give me the money for safekeeping.

- stereotypes of weathermen

They never stop thanking you for teaching them about HTML colors.

- masturbation position

I'm all for it.

- convinced into stripping

Pimpin' ain't easy.

- what to expect at interview with toyota canada

Engine sludge. Or so I'm told!
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ev and zorkie
The Proper Care & Feeding of Hippos
There's an art to feeding the Hippo. To keep your Hippo as fat and happy as possible, you are advised to loosely follow these guidelines (plus a couple of tips 'n' tricks). Most of them are elementary and second-nature for many of you. These aren't strict rules, they're just a good idea. The trick to breaking the rules is always to do it deliberately, for an effect.

There are links in this entry to some Hippo posts as examples to illustrate the point. We aren't calling you out as the worst offender. Probably.

Try to make your headlines descriptive rather than self-referential. If someone who isn't a Bloggie regular sees your headline, will they want to click on it? Remember that there are 50 lurkers reading for every active or even semi-active participant. They're part of your audience too. What's a FNJKSH? And no, that's not an invitation to spell out "filthy, Nazi, Jooooooo-killing shithole" instead. We really shouldn't have to spell that out, but there it is.

Your headline is a teaser: it should be short, informative, and pack a punch. There's almost no reason to have more than one sentence, or to have a multi-clause sentence.

Your headline should not contain what would more properly belong in a comment. Save that part for your first comment! Unnecessarily long headlines make the whole page look ugly and mis-shapen. We care about the aesthetic appeal.

To get more people to read your Hippo thread, leave the first comment on your thread as soon as you post it. Often, leaving a comment right away makes the difference between a dead thread and a lively one. It's an invitation to start the conversation. Since you're the one who started the thread, try to jump-start the conversation too.

Language: try not to say disgusting things in your headline like "felching". It just ain't right. Nobody whose name doesn't rhyme with Mandrew Gullivan wants to think about that.

Self-linking to your own blog or writings elsewhere: Please do. It is encouraged, in moderation. However: don't self-link if you don't even make a token effort to participate in the community. Then you're just link-whoring and abusing the privilege. The Hippo is a facility for all of us. We do want to see your stuff. It's a good thing. Examples of good self-linkers: Jauhara, V the K, airforcewife, Jourdan. Examples of bad self-linkers: Potfry and Buckley, Allie's World. If you're a self-linker, it should be pretty obvious to you whether you're the good kind or the bad kind. Don't be that guy.

Linking to other people's blogs: be careful with the link you paste in. First of all, some bloggers have a "trackback" link. Don't use that one, you want the permalink that takes you directly to the post in question. Try pasting your link in your own browser's address bar to make sure it goes where you expect it to go. Look at the end of your link: does it end in #comments or #more? You're linking to an anchor, which will make the clicker's browser jump to a certain point in the page when it loads it, rather than the top of the page. If this isn't your intention, delete the anchor portion from your link (everything after the # sign).

Hat-tipping and cognac-giving: it's polite on long front-page entries to credit who pointed you to a hot piece of news, but it's visual noise within the constraints of the Hippo. The hat-tip also takes oomph away from your headline and makes it end limply. Put the cognac in your comment, not in the threadline. The point of your link is the link itself, not where you got it from-but feel free to tell us in the comments.

Linking to a dot-info URL: We know it's a pain in the ass that we don't allow that. Unfortunately, the .info prohibition is very effective, stopping something like 1/4 of our spam attempts in their tracks, so we have to keep it in place. As a workaround, if it's time-urgent and we're not around, post the link, deleting the dot from dot-info, and tell people in the first comment to click and then add the dot back in. Email us to let us know so we can go back and add the dot in when we're around.

Linking to pages without permalinks that have frequently-changing content: this is a problem. Some people (coff coff Drudge) re-use URLs for different stories. This makes it hard to link to them because the Hippo will think it's a duplicate and just redirect you to an old thread with the same URL. Here's a workaround: just add a query parameter to the end of your link. That will make it look like a completely different URL to the Hippo. For example, to re-link a previously-linked Drudge page that has new stuff on it, add "?123"—without the quotation marks—to the end of your URL. Drudge's server will ignore that portion and serve up the page you want, and the Hippo will happily eat it up.

Topic matter: everything isn't war, blood, and politics. Keep that coming! But also keep the weird gadgets, horrifying celebrity crotch-shots, neat art, interesting people, past heroes, flash games and animations, quizzes, and YouTube rubbernecking coming. If it's interesting to you, chances are it's interesting to us, too. And the Hippo will thank you for the variety in his diet.

In conclusion, great job, thanks for all the fish, and try to keep some of this in mind :-)
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Shipwrecked Sets Sail
zorkie doesn't like tootling her own horn, so I'll melodiously tootle it for her: Shipwrecked is here! You may have noticed the new domain name for zorkie's games: pixelatrixgames.com. This is to avoid even the appearance of profiting off someone else's intellectual property (the Zork games) because getting sued for infringing copyright is not her idea of a good time. zorkie's eccentric like that.

This is the hints and discussion thread for the game. Give hints and spoilers in Invis-O-Text only, so as not to spoil it for everyone else!

What's Sunday good for, if not bloggie, beer, and being driven around the bend by another of zorkie's diabolical point-and-click puzzle/adventure games? This one isn't as hard or as long as the other ones, though, so dive right in. It's a great little game. Plus, there's sound! Don't you want to hear stuff? Everyone likes hearing stuff. Go play!
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SpouseBUZZ Goes Live
in which airforcewife manages to keep a secret from us!

Military.com has started a new group blog, SpouseBUZZ, written by military wives-including our dear friend airforcewife and Andi from Andi's World, who invited airforcewife to join the team. And airforcewife kept quiet about it for weeks! Un. Be. Lievable.

Just kidding airforcewife. I know you're good at keeping secrets, you have to be for OpSec :-) This new blog is a really great idea! Subscribed.

airforcewife already has two great posts up at the new place, one about long distance family and one about traveling with kids. Lots of other good writing is up, and they're off to a running start-so I encourage you to bookmark SpouseBUZZ and visit often.
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ev and zorkie
Introducing Discarded Lies Weekend Edition
You may notice that the front page is rearranged a little bit. We're working hard on Codename:Ferkakta Hill (who knew it was so much work making a game?!), and we've decided to switch to a slower pace on the weekends so we can spend more of the weekend time doing C:FH. So, from 3pm Friday till 7am Monday, the irregular columnists' posts (if any) and the hippo move to the top of the front page, and we (your government-in-waiting) head down to the basement, and it's "discarded lies weekend edition". Monday morning thru Friday afternoon, the same bloggie format as before.
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ev and zorkie
Listen, you!
We're working our butts off to improve your life, therefore, FEED THE BLOODY HIPPO! We won't be doing many posts today and tomorrow.


The Management
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We're back!
I hope you can see us :-)

We had a series of crippling load average spikes, even though traffic conditions were normal. We asked ServInt about it, and if maybe some other customer was hogging the cpu, and they basically said "tough shit, it's your fault". So, I downloaded a benchmark program called unixbench to see what kind of numbers we would get. Final score was something like 13 on ServInt, ~150 on unixshell (another host I use for other purposes). So we decided they were lying to us and had oversold the server, and switched to unixshell for now. We're giving SI another chance to do right by us but the benchmark doesn't lie, so if the benchmark score doesn't improve we're staying here at unixshell.
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ev and zorkie
Mazel Tov, Matt & Fay!
A birdie whispered it in our ears: it is done. They are one :-) Congratulations, you two! I feel an ululation coming on...ululululululululululululu!

The former Fay will now be known as the lovely RadioFayyF, we think.

Update: intrepid Canadian border infiltrator "Thousand Sons" is back with first-person scoopage!
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ev and zorkie
Fay & Matt get hitched
As many of you are no doubt aware, our beloved Fay and RadioMattM are finally tying the knot and getting official, after a years-long romance. The happy ceremony is at 5 pm tomorrow, at a friend's house in Vancouver, British Columbia. Here's a thread to celebrate the happy bride and groom and drink to them :-) Fay and Matt, we love you, and this is so beautiful. Cheers, darlings!

Rumor has it that floranista and Thousand Sons plan on crashing the party; more news as it develops.

The soundtrack for this before-party is this fun, funny reggae cover of the "I'm getting married in the morning" song from My Fair Lady.
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Vote for Jewlicious, and avert G-d's wrath
Th- J-w-sh G-d -s s-ch -n -ngry G-d, y-- c-n't -v-n s-y v-w-ls -n H-s pr-s-nc-!
Jewlicious, the current blog where Michael, son (some might say demon-spawn) of packen and Pete (Alois), hangs his kippah, is in the running in the Jewish & Israeli Special Olympics Blog Awards in several categories. Today is the last day of the voting, and Jewlicious is close to winning in several of them, so your vote counts and could really help put them over the top. So help them out and do it already! It'll take you twenty seconds.

I see you're still here. Watch this pendulum. You are getting sleepy. Veeeeery sleeeeeepy. You are completely in my command and completely in the thrall of my voice. You feel strangely hypnotized and strangely compelled to click on the following links and vote for Jewlicious. God help the poor bastard who tries to stop you. You can't control yourself any longer, and will fight and defeat a thousand men, and leave a thousand orphans wailing, if they stand between you and these links.

Best Designed Blog
Best Series
Best Post
Best Overall Blog
Best Jewish Culture Blog
Best Israel Advocacy (Hasbarah) Blog
Best Politics & Current Affairs Blog
Best Group Blog

Now be a good little Democrat and vote the straight Jewlicious ticket. If Jewlicious was up for Pope, your vote had better go to Jewlicious.

Or else.

PS-If you just can't stand Jews, that's an even better reason to vote! Just think-if you help Jewlicious win a category with your vote, you're gonna make 11 other Jewish sonofabitches cry! You can't lose!
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Category Archives!
While everyone on the planet Earth was watching the NFL playoffs, I was writing code. We now have category archives, as if you give a crap :-)
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Keep track of your Bloggie conversations
Fabulous new Bloggie toy! Now you can keep track of the threads you've participated in by visiting the mythreads page. The link will be available in the "search & handy links" area whenever you want it. The "since you" number is temporarily inaccurate because it counts from the first comment you left and not the last one; I'll fix that soon. Bug fixed! Enjoy! :-)
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ev and zorkie
Themes! Fonts! What more could you want?
This kicks ass. We've set up a simplified system to enhance bloggie on the backend, which translates to more bloggie goodness for you. Check it out: redecorate bloggie. This link is available under "search and handy links" in the sidebar and front page utility room. You can choose your preferred font, and you can also pick out a theme to make bloggie look more to your liking. Pretty feckin' awesome, eh? The "barebones" theme is intended for those of you who slack off at work by reading bloggie and would like it to look fairly innocuous to passersby, such as the boss :-) And I can finally use Georgia as my bloggie reading font! zorkie thought it was too girly for bloggie, but I think it's very readable. If we omitted your pet font, and you pet font isn't called "Comic Sans MS", let us know and we'll add it. I'll turn the microphone over to zorkie now.

So, we have "nostalgia" for the people who miss Old Bloggie too much, and a few other themes and more will be added in the future. My personal favourite at the moment is the "barebones" along with the very metrosexual trebuchet font and the sidebar on the left. Take that, ev.
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ev and zorkie
They Call Me Thread-Killa
Last night, Ed Mahmoud complained that:
No matter what thread I show up in, I tend to be the last post on the thread.

Is it because I didn't shower today?
That got us wondering, who's the thread-killingest of them all? A few database queries told us the answer, so we decided to make an awards show out of it. It's called "The Freddies", after our famous undead thread. They kept trying to kill him, and he kept coming back. Sorry, Ed, you're not even in the top ten thread-killas. In matter of fact, we, your hosts, are the top thread-killers on this blog, but we're not gonna give an award to ourselves, so we're excluded from the count. We'll give our own counts at the end. We took into consideration all your changed nicknames, so don't worry, your contribution has been tallied in full.

Well, we won't keep you in suspense for too much longer...here are the Freddy winners!
positionthe lucky freddybody count
#37Pete (Alois)23
#36lady redhawk28
#30Death Mask of Tutankhamen36
#26Matt (Colt)45
#24solus rex49
#23Dave Ray58
#19Thousand Sons65
#18Throbert McGee69
#17RIP Ford71
#16levi from queens72
#14Ed Mahmoud abu Help Make the Gulf of Mexico Dark Orange!80
#13Meshuganah Max81
#5Marine Momma123
#3Frank IBC180
#2Dances With Typos254
Ed, you're only four killed threads away from getting into the top ten, but competition is fierce!

The truly elite thread-killaz are, of course, totally unapproachable.

To even reach Frank IBC's level at #3 would take #4 aridog 50 killed threads, while Frank is 74 notches on his knife behind #2 DWT.

The gap between DWT and Head Butcheress floranista (#1 Freddy!) isn't insurmountable-at only 36 threads, he could pull it off with a month of diligent work.

But for floranista to surpass the "Queen of Blogomorbidity", zorkie, would require her to climb a gobsmacking heap of one hundred and seventy thread skulls. zorkie likes to bathe in the blood of virgin threads; she says it keeps her skin young and wrinkle-free.

And for #0 zorkie (450) to reach #-1 ev's level? She needs to kill just 119 threads, in a manner reminiscent of Gengis Khan, to tie his total of 569 threads on meathooks in "Slasher Ev's" grim abattoir.
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Date Based Archives
Yo check it, check check it, yow!
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Vote, you wretches!
Air Force Family, airforcewife(fka militarybrat)'s blog, is up for a Milbloggie as best blog by a military spouse at Milblogging.com. If you haven't registered to vote for her, shame on you! Do it! Do it now! Or suffer my wrath.
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Search is back...
...with a few bugfixes, too. It's in the sidebar under the calendar, and it'll be on the front page once a few other things that are to go in the same container with it are ready.
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Update your RSS feed subscriptions!
Our old feeds have been disconnected and are no longer in service. If you use Bloglines, My Yahoo!, Feed Demon, Opera, Firefox Live Favorites or some other method to keep updated with Bloggie, we've got a new regime. Atom is entirely out (no political or technological reason, just my practicality & laziness. Every feed reader supports RSS 2.0, and most support Atom. I decided to go with the most popular one).

Our three new feeds are all RSS 2.0. We have a feed for mine and zorkie's posts, a combined feed for all the irregular columnists (Sine, Throbert, floranista, kianb, packen and aridog), and a separate feed for the Hyperlinkopotamus. You can subscribe to one, two, or all three.

Bloggie Feed: http://discardedlies.com/rss.php?bloggie
Sideblogs Feed: http://discardedlies.com/rss.php?irregulars
Hyperlinkopotamus Feed: http://discardedlies.com/rss.php?hippo
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